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  1. betta86

    New tank for Betta - From Biorb to Fluval Flex

    I wasn’t getting annoyed at answers. I was getting annoyed at tone. It was instantly passive aggressive and condescending which I have no interest in, a tone which seems to have continued into this answer. The simple fact is I bought a fish hoping I could help whatever ailment it had. I was...
  2. betta86

    New tank for Betta - From Biorb to Fluval Flex

    No idea what the lump is and posted photos on another thread. Was given advice on another thread to do 70% water changes for 10 days adding aquarium salt everyday. Unfortunately the lump isn’t improving and is instead getting larger. It’s a lump he has had since I got him and it’s pushing...
  3. betta86

    New tank for Betta - From Biorb to Fluval Flex

    The strange thing is the more I watch him he’s not going near the shrimp he’s flaring out of the tank. The lump on his side seems to be increasing in size rather than going away so I don’t know if this is causing his agitation. I’ll continue to medicate him in the meantime.
  4. betta86

    New tank for Betta - From Biorb to Fluval Flex

    Hi all, I have learnt the hard way that the Biorb Halo tank isn’t too great. It’s a 15 litre and watching my Betta in it I’ve decided he deserves something bigger to explore. Also the filter system in it is a bit of a pain in term of location and I had to change the Biorb pump as it was so loud...
  5. betta86

    White lump and marks on Betta

    Hi all, I’ve started the aquarium salt and 70% water changes so will hopefully see an improvement soon. I may be able to get some of the antibiotics on Amazon if needed. Would these be safe for cherry shrimp and snails as these are my Betta’s tank mates? I will maybe see first how it goes after...
  6. betta86

    White lump and marks on Betta

    It’s hard to say, at some angles it looks like it’s pushing through and I’m not sure if it’s a swelling coming from the inside? Hard to say if it looks liquid filled or just lumpy. Hopefully these photos will help.
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  15. betta86

    White lump and marks on Betta

    Hi all, a few weeks later the lump has definitely gotten bigger and looks like it’s popping out the side? Does anyone know what this could be? Like I said he was like this when I got him but the lump was smaller. It’s hard to show but it’s not a mark, it’s sticking out. Any help would be great...
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  17. betta86

    CO2 and PH levels

    Thanks so much for your detailed reply! It’s good to be learning about all this and I’m glad I hadn’t used any CO2 yet. I’ll look into getting some fert root tabs! Always keen to not use anything that could potentially harm my fish or plants. Not keen on using chemicals if I don’t have to...
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    CO2 and PH levels

    Hi all, I’m very new to the hobby and have just taken some test strips to check my levels. The Tetra app is telling me in need to buy a CO2 booster as my PH levels are too high and my CO2 levels are too low. I’ve attached the figures that the strips have given me. I also tested my Ammonia...
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  20. betta86

    White lump and marks on Betta

    Thanks so much for the speedy reply! Yeah I’ve only given him Pimafix once and that was yesterday but didn’t want to continue if it was unnecessary. He’s very active and bright and eating well and doesn’t seem to be bothered by it at all. I’ll keep a close eye on him and will see how he does...