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    My Fish Are Ill

    no it was one like this one, a plecostomus i took it to a pet shop because thy said they would try and re home him. when i took him there they said they can grow on average to about 20 to 25 cm long, but they said in some places they have grown to about 40. i only got him about three months ago...
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    My Fish Are Ill

    just an update, i have done a big water change and have been adding a general medicine to the tank because i'm still not sure what it is, and the lump on my ram has already started looking better than it was. so far it has not appeared on anymore of my fish so hopefully i managed to catch it in...
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    My Fish Are Ill

    hi, thanks for replying I didn't realise the tank was over stocked, I did ask the places that I got the fish from and they said i could have about 15 fish in there but obviously that's not true :(. the tank was cycled because my dad made that mistake when he first got a tank and warned me, the...
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    My Fish Are Ill

    hi, sorry for the long post but i need advicr :( I'm relatively new to keeping fish,I have had the tank for 6 to 7 months andnthe only problem I have had so far is a bit of cloudy water right at the begining. the other night my guppy died but I didn't think much of this because he was a few...
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