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    Clown staying in same place, heavier breathing

    I’ve had a clown since April and have had no real problems yet. This is my first marine fish so I’m still pretty inexperienced. This weekend, I was out of town so I had a friend feed him for a couple of days. Sometime while I was gone, the power went out causing the auto timer for my lights to...
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    Tap water for winter?

    Like many, I use ro water for my tank which is a 10g with only a clownfish in it as of right now. Where I live, it gets pretty cold in the winter and I’m concerned that there will be issues with my pipes if I use my RO system. I know that using tap water normally isn’t the best idea for a...
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    Help with decision in first coral addition

    Hi all, I started my first 10g nano tank in January and added a true percula clownfish in April. I have now gotten the hang of owning a fish and my parameters are stable, so I’ve been looking into purchasing a coral. Mostly due to availability, the two front runners in my search are either a...
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    Coral ID

    Right now I have a 10g nano with a clownfish. I’ve been interested in adding a small non-self propagating coral to learn more about what it’s like to keep a nano reef. Today at the store I stumbled across this coral with I found beautiful but unfortunately it was unlabeled. Can anybody tell me...
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    New clown seems lethargic

    He seems to be eating just fine. I’m planning on re-adding live rock soon and in the meantime I’m limiting how much he’s exposed to that bright light. Glad he’s doing better and thanks so much for all the help!
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    New clown seems lethargic

    Temp is 78. Params are good. Came home today and he’s got his color back. Read some threads and it seems like a lot of fish lose some color when they sleep. He’s still active! Yesterday he wasn’t doing much but today he’s all over the place
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    New clown seems lethargic

    Okay this seriously does not seem normal. He was swimming around like crazy last night and still pretty active right now. This morning I woke up and he’s so much paler than yesterday! I’m so worried about him! What could be happening?!
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    Is it a bristleworm or fireworm???

    Okay these things are so creepy but I think it’s a bristleworm…right? Not a fireworm? Need to confirm bc it’s lurking on my clowns anemone
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    New clown seems lethargic

    I’ve had the lights off for a couple hours and he still seems to be laying like this…
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    New clown seems lethargic

    He seemed to be breathing a bit heavily. I watched some videos of other clowns breathing heavily and he isn’t as fast as those. I just don’t know if I’m overreacting or not
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    New clown seems lethargic

    I know bristleworms can be helpful but I never got a good look at it and was scared it was a fireworm instead
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    New clown seems lethargic

    Thanks for the help! One more thing—donya mentioned that it’s normal to hide somewhere but not normal for it to just be laying there. Mine is kinda laying there. Occasionally gets up, swims around a bit in his area, then goes back. Although while he’s laying down, his fins are still moving a...
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    New clown seems lethargic

    I had live rock but found a bristleworm that I couldn’t be sure if it was a fireworm or not so I had a midlife crisis and took it out😓
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    New clown seems lethargic

    It is a 10g just a weird shape
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    New clown seems lethargic

    I’m feeding him flakes at the moment but looking into other things like mysis. Suggestions? Tank is a 10g. Tested for ammonia earlier and 0. Nitrate around 15ppm. Not home right now so don’t have a nitrite reading