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  1. Shaucid

    Going On Vacation.

    Thanks for the help, I'll get a food block next time I visit the LFS.   And I have noticed that the tank is getting a little small for my gourami. Sadly I do not have the space or money for a 30+ gallon tank at the moment, might have to trade him in...   Anyway, thanks again everyone.
  2. Shaucid

    Was At The Fish Shop Yesterday......

    All I have to say is good luck to those poor tetras.
  3. Shaucid

    Going On Vacation.

    Hi everyone, I will be going on a vacation on March 16, and I will come back on March 23 (That's 7 days)   I have a 10 gallon tank with 1 opaline gourami and 1 bristlenose plecostomus, and I need to know what I should do food wise while I'm gone. I have gone on weekend vacations for 3 days in...
  4. Shaucid

    What's Your Favorite?

    I love Anabantoids and Loaches, so therefore Asia!
  5. Shaucid

    Please Help...can Anyone Identify What Kind Of Fish This Is?

    It looks like to a Scatophagus argus or related.    Here's a link to a Scatophagus argus profile.   What other fish are with it?
  6. Shaucid

    Do I Need To Care For My Snails?

    Yes, I do have fish.   It's a 10 gallon lightly planted community with 1 Bristlenose Plecostomus and 1 Opaline Gourami.
  7. Shaucid

    Do I Need To Care For My Snails?

    Hi everyone, I have a couple snails in my tank that were introduced by live plants. I believe I have 1 Malayan Trumpet and 1 baby Ramshorn (Maybe more)   Can I just leave them or do I feed them things?   -Thanks
  8. Shaucid

    My 10 Gallon Tank

    It looks quite nice. I like the artificial plant layout.   What fish are you thinking of putting in it with your remaining corydoras?
  9. Shaucid

    I Must Be Doing Something Right.... I Hope

    I honestly kind of like the algae in your tank. So green, It almost compliments the plants in my opinion.   Also I think you have very nice Pearl Gouramis.
  10. Shaucid

    Ragged Pleco Caudal Fin

    Hello everyone, this morning I noticed my Bristlenose Pleco has a ragged caudal fin, which wasn't there yesterday night.   It's quite confusing because the only other fish in the tank is my Opaline Gourami which is diurnal.   Can't supply a photo because the pleco won't come out of his bogwood...
  11. Shaucid

    Tetras Water?

    The smaller tetra may be stressed out from the fish-in cycle, or it could be getting bullied by the other tetras.    Is there any sign of bullying of the smaller tetra from other fish? (Chasing, Nipping, etc.)   What are your water stats? High ammonia and nitrite can cause stress in the fish.
  12. Shaucid

    Tetras Water?

    As far as I know, most characins (tetras, headstanders, hatchetfish etc.) prefer freshwater.    For your other question, I believe the problem is that you have too little tetras. They are schooling fish and will feel most secure when in numbers. Both species should be in schools of at least 6...
  13. Shaucid

    Planting Anacharis?

    Ok thank you.   I will definitely go back to the LFS and get a ton more of that stuff I'm loving it so far.   -Thanks again. 
  14. Shaucid

    Balloon Molly's

    What are your water statistics?   What's your current tank temperature?    Is there any blemishes, spots or anything different from the fish than when you first got them?   If you cant supply water stats than I suggest you purchase a test kit, Liquid ones are more accurate than paper strips.
  15. Shaucid

    Planting Anacharis?

    Today I purchased a small bunch of anacharis. (About 6 individual plants in a bunch) And right know 3 of it is planted in my gravel and 3 just floating free.   I kinda want to plant it all in the substrate because my gourami does like to nibble at the floating bits sometimes, but it does provide...
  16. Shaucid

    Common Or Sailfin?

    Looks like a Common Plecostomus to me. Though I could be wrong I'm pretty sure it's a common.   Hope I could help.
  17. Shaucid

    10 Gallon Help   Is this the hillstream species you're looking at?   According to the website that species requires a tank with base dimensions of 60 x 30 centimeters, which is about 23 x 11 inches.
  18. Shaucid

    10 Gallon Help

    If you don't already have a hospital/quarantine tank, I'd say go for it. There's just so many uses for tanks like that.   If you want to do a loach tank then your choices would be narrow. A small group of Dwarf Chain Loaches or a couple kuhliis might work.   Anyway, It's totally up to you.
  19. Shaucid

    Fish Id

      I agree. It's a Bristlenose. I got one in my tank and it looks exactly the same.
  20. Shaucid

    My 10 Gallon Planted

    Hi everyone, just thought to share a few pictures of my 10 Gallon planted tank. Current stocking is:   1x Opaline Gourami 1x Bristlenose Plecostomus Java Moss Moss Balls Narrow-leaved plant I don't know the name of.   I'm thinking of upgrading to a 30 gallon and I'll add a female gourami to try...