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    Next project

    Helli, my name is Clive and I'm relatively new to the world of fish keeping. However, having now completed a 94 litre tank, but only after a lot of school boy errors, I'm now moving on to a roma 200, and 190 litre jewul corner tank for my place. I would love to hear of any suggestions: the...
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    New tank problems

    It's right what you said, I was pretty torn up having to watch one of my die horribly (I didn't know about clove oil then) one of my friends said "but its just a fish" - not to me it ain't!
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    New mollys

    I was also sold two male mollies and in the beginning all was well, but as the subordinate aged he began to challenge the alpha more and more, the moment the alpha got a little poorly - all hell broke loose to the point i had to remove the alpha to protect him. My point? It's trouble waiting to...
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    What are you doing today?

    Thanks mate
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    New tank problems

    Thanks I couldn't stop if I tried- these little slippery fellas have taken over my life!! It's just a shame that a: these stores are not taking care of their responsibility to make sure that the people whom purchase these little lives are well informed, and b: that its tainted my intro into...
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    Barbs poorly 😪

    So are you saying that excessive water changes don't effect the level of 'safe' bacteria within the tank? And this in itself could never have an impact upon the fish's health? I'd be interested to know as this would overthrow a lot of what I've learnt concerning water maintenance. Also do you...
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    New tank problems

    Today I'm sat scratching my head, totally frustrated, and even angry with the result of having set up an aquarium on advise from my local pet store. I'll firstly list my purchases and see if anyone can identify the catalogue of errors. I purchased tank, and equipment told to treat water with...
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    Barbs poorly 😪

    Denisons are very sensitive to bad water condition. Bit it could be that by changing 50%, of your water that you're actually cleaning all the 'good' bacteria away. Couple this with a 20% spot clean mid week - and you have all the parameters of an overly sanitised tank. The good news is that...