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    Fluval 252l Shacker - Cycle

    Update. I've since removed 90% of the water, refilled and started with Dr Tims one and only, dosing with Dr Tims ammonia. Tested using API. I'm in no rush to add fish, and wanted to understand the cycle process rather than rush. Dosed Dr Tims ammonia as per the instruction of 2ppm. Dosed using...
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    Fluval 252l Shacker - Cycle

    Thought I’d add a update for anyone else looking to do a fish less cycle. Tank was filled Saturday 30th, took the first reading Sunday 31st which are as follows Nitrate - 0 Nitrite - 0 GH - 14 KH 6 / pH 7.2 chlorine - 0 Ammonia 0.2 tanks a little cloudy which I assume is from the bacteria bloom...
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    Fluval 252l Shacker - Cycle

    Thanks Essjay, ordered some
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    Stocking a 252l tank

    I’m just in the process of cycling a 252l tank, whilst waiting I’m trying to compile a list of fish. I’m a massive fan of vibrant colours, and have an idea of a few fish to add. A betta is one of them, seen a nice blue/green phantom plec and some cory’s. I’m in no rush to stock the tank when...
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    Hi All, I’ve been using this forum as a source of info for sometime, recently purchasing a 252l tank I thought it’s time I registered and introduced Myself. Had a few tanks over the years but were always small due to not having enough space until recently. Currently in the process of doing a...
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    Fluval 252l Shacker - Cycle

    Evening All 😊, Hope you’ve all had a nice Christmas. I’ve been using this forum as a source of info for sometime but never really had the need to post until now. I’ve recently just brought a fluval shacker 252l tank, the tank consists of mainly non live plants, however there are 3 live. The...