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  1. Megalodon

    Fuzzy Slimey Coat ?

    She won't join a forum. And she took the crecent led lit 5 gallon back. She's giving me her 2 mostly likely as she says she is done with fish. I told her to think about it and maybe she'll change her mind.
  2. Megalodon

    Fuzzy Slimey Coat ?

    Well after she returned from pet smart with a whole new setup for the fish ,she found it dead.
  3. Megalodon

    Fuzzy Slimey Coat ?

    The tank was new but she took some of my water a nd live plants. My tank has been up two months and has cycled and has had no problems. Her tank has an air stone she does weekly water changes. It's been up about a week. Had I been there I would have told her to get the three gallon with full...
  4. Megalodon

    Fuzzy Slimey Coat ?

    My niece recently purchased a betta from pet smart. He's in a 2 gallon tank with 3 ghost shrimp. His water temp is 75 degrees. She's getting mini heater this weekend. She noticed the fish has a slimey build up that she says appears fuzzy. Her shrimp are attempting to clean it but montoya ( the...
  5. Megalodon

    Rugby Season Has Started Again!

    I didn't know rugby season started around american football season
  6. Megalodon

    Do You Agree With Keeping Big Fish?

    i agree with what others have said.....and they should be harder to get. i should not be able to purchase an arowana for 12 bucks and I should not be able to get pacus at walmrt.
  7. Megalodon

    Opinions On Rescrape A 130 Litre Tank

    maybe try real plants.... black sand is nice
  8. Megalodon

    Guppy-Chichlid Experminet

    I want stupid guppy raised cichlids.
  9. Megalodon

    ~~Missing Neons~~

    what sort of frogs ?
  10. Megalodon

    Budget Tank? 10 Gallon For Under 45 Bucks?

    have any free counter or table space?
  11. Megalodon

    Stocking Question For 24 Gallon, Planted Tank...

    if you mean glofish tetra..which are white skirts,they arent newer per se, they just have the added gene to glo. read up on white skirts their behavior and care is exactly the same.
  12. Megalodon

    What "big" Fish Can We Put In Our 36 Gallon?

    2 ghost knives... i want to know tank size
  13. Megalodon

    Can I Keep These Rabbits Together..?

    why not fix them both?
  14. Megalodon

    What "big" Fish Can We Put In Our 36 Gallon?

    discus are the only peaceful large fish I can think of. but they like groups and are pretty needy and pricey. someone else could fill you in on their you should up the schools on your fish or rehome them....or you could get a bigger tank. ooh gourmis are a nice idea.
  15. Megalodon

    Imported Halfmoon Yellow Pair Breeding

    if they breed succesfully will you be shipping the offspring?
  16. Megalodon

    My Betta Rescue Died.......

    I hate the betta tank industry. sadly that will probably ne a hot selling item.especially as gifts for office workers and teachers.
  17. Megalodon

    Tank Mates?

    too bad their isn't a species that doesntget only like 10inches across
  18. Megalodon

    Tank Mates?

    I have always heard axols do best as specis tank. are there reall tea cup sting rays? I thiught they were normal rays sold ad juveniles?
  19. Megalodon

    New Fish Keeper Here

    it might prefer freeze dried blood worms
  20. Megalodon

    Do You Agree With Glofish?

    i love them. i think they are very neat and i like the the effect of the aquariums you can make for them...i dont like the glo fish brand however as they have crappy set ups. i also think patenting living beings is a slippery slope..apparently they can sue you for breeding and redistributing the...