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    Tank Troubles

    I was going today to look for some more to add to the tank! Thank you!
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    Plants Being Uprooted And The Gravel Being Pushed Aside

    I had two java ferns with my africans and every morning they would have both uprooted. I tried to stick them deeper but they would just rip of chunks and then it would get stuck in the filter. I finally just got rid of the plants.    As for the gravel. My cichlids move it all the time. Each time...
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    Tank Troubles

    My tank has only been running since mid may, not a long time but a little while. There are no symptoms at all. With the last one, I was in the room with them and everyone looked healthy and then I went outside to get the mail and when I got back in he was dead. The first one looked exactly the...
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    55 Gallon Cichlid Tank

    I am also new to cichlid keeping and I have heard that it's very difficult to keep haps with other types because of the Hap aggression. The Acei and Peackcock fall under the Hap category and the yellow lab does not. That being said, I have an OB Peacock and yellow lab and they don't bother each...
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    Tank Troubles

    Hey guys thanks for the help. I don't think it's stress, he doesn't have any problem when i'm cleaning the tank it's just when they're just swimming around unless something is stressing him, if so I don't know what would be? And the test kit i'm using is the freshwater kit from API. None of the...
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    Tank Troubles

    I am new to this forum and to cichlids and keeping fish in general. I currently have a 45gal tank that has 5 Mbuna, one OB Peacock, one Sunburst Peacock, one yellow lab, one daffodil, a rope fish, and a synodontis cat. All my fish were living together very well for about two months. My sunburst...