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    What Fish Is This?

    what a detailed photograph. looks most like a puffer to me. how do you know it wasnt. what did it act like?
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    54 views and no responses? one of you guys has to know something here. This is one of the reasons im not active on this forum enough. everyone takes time to say "nice fish" or cool tank but no one can actually make a response with some information. and a lot of good people were banned from here...
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    How far do you go?

    5 for feeders,dry goods and some fish and 20 miles if i want something really nice or big
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    My 55 gallon

    i would discourage pictus's. they need a lot fo free space for swimming. they need to be kept in at least groups of 3 preferably more.
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    90 gallon

    im glad to see youve come to your senses. haha :lol:
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    Looking to add new more interesting fish

    depends on which one. severums are pretty peaceful and Midas/RD's are really mean. i dont know if anything could take a beating from your leps and also not kill them. PM CFC about leps. he a had a couple kill off a couple big fish
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    Inventive places to shove more tanks!!

    ive seen them on ebay before but didnt buy it because it was only about 3o gallons and thats not big enough . lol. next time i see 1 i'll pm you
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    Common Words

    you put Livebearer and anabantoid
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    Common Words

    but this is supposed to be for easy reference so we shoud put it all in one spot. Mbuna- (um-boo-na) are a group of cichlids endemic to lake Malawi (mul-a-wee), one of the three rift lakes of Africa. credit goes to thecichlidaddict
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    Inventive places to shove more tanks!!

    make a bunk bed in your room and put tanks under it. they sell tanks that are made for use as coffee tables too. and you could put some on teh kitchen counter.a nd you basement. and garage. and you could make a coldwater pond in your backyard. there is ALWAYS room for more tanks.
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    Common Words

    i dont think you would see it in a book but it is something you use when dealing with fish and i have seen people ask what an LFs is more than once. i think it should be added. also for anabantoid it should say also known as labrynth fish in the defination. also mbuna should be in there. i...
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    Catfish crazy

    babies do grow to be adults though. but im sure by then you'll have at least 2 tanks with mostly catfish. its Ok it happens to all of us
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    20g redeco-ing

    nice flo9werpot. a cool thing my mom did with a flowerpot in her 10 gallon was to tip it upside down at an angle and put an airstone under it so the bubble came out the top through the little hole. it looks really cool too.
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    Catfish crazy

    this si what happens when you keep catfish. you need more and more. its like a drug. it shoudlnt take too long to sort out a heirarchy especially if one is significantly bigger than the other. i do think 7 is a bit too many synos for a 55 gallon though. i already have 4 pims and im buying...
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    Common Words

    LFS- local fish shop
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    My Tank

    i may not make sense but everything looks too....... even. it just looks to artificial. ill post pics of my tank soon which i just basically threw some plants and rocks in and let them lay like that. i move them around every few months but thats it. its just more natural this way
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    I Think i am making a record!

    i just checked mine and im under 6 so you probly cant go over 10 unless your a mod or have a lot of free time on your hands. but then again i dont post stuff like "nice tank" so i could probly get up to like 20 if i so wished. but it doesnt matter really. nobody pays attention.
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    Freshwater Pipefish?

    i highly doubt it and i would discourage even trying to find out. people with SW tanks have a hard enough time trying to keep pipefish and i wouldnt even want to know what would happen if you bought it and it needed salt at all.
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    How common are...

    ive never seen one before so i would say not very common at all
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    Heres afew nice pics

    your dog is awesome with 2 different colored eyes. also nice iguana. its hard to believe he was tame enough to actually sit around on the floor. this guy brought in a rhino iguana i think it was called and he kept having to walk around because it was following around him trying to get at him