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    Brackish Starfish Confirmed

    They are definatley brittle stars. I bought a serpent starfish and it is alive after one week! My blennies have been beating on it pretty bad though. It is always getting in the way at feeding time.
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    Brackish Starfish Confirmed

    My starfish are all alive after 3 weeks. They were hiding in my filter medium.
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    There are many sponges that live in brackish. However, anemones are usually not encountered in brackish. The best way I have found to get marine inverts is to actually go to a local brackish/costal marine area and colect different objects. I found a clingfish in a corona bottle. Hydriods,hermit...
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    Rainbow Gobies

    Are you by any chance talking about getting a Peacock gudgeon? If so then www.aqualandpetsplus.com has a few pics. It is under various mini-fishes. Peacock gudgeons are very small. 1in.- If this is not it then you could look it up on fishbase.org.
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    Brackish Water Corals

    There are many brackish/freshwater inverts. It is easy to find freshwater sponges,jellyfish,and hydra at your local lake. Freshwater sponges can be found in almost any body of freshwater. I have had brittle stars in my tank for 48 hrs. and they are still alive! 1.013
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    Omobranchus Zebra

    Blennies are awesome. I have 3. I have a striped blenny (Chasmodes sp.),and two Highfin blennies(Lupinablennius nicholsi). Mine are all considered Marine/Brackish. The salinity of my tank is 1.013. I have had my Striped Blenny for over a year. He has spent a couple months at a time in 1.005...
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    Brackish Starfish?

    I recently noticed brittle stars crawling around my 20gal. The salinity is 1.013 What do I do now?