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  1. AilyNC

    Aquascaper 600

    It's gorgeous! You've done so many beautiful scapes so looking forward to see this grow in
  2. AilyNC

    Tankmates for a well established Cory tank (Pleco there too)

    Ooh interesting fish. The one you have looks like a skinny cherry barb mated with a white cloud :) I really must ask about fish shop ordering in specific fish for me. There's at one place that does.
  3. AilyNC

    Tetra really swollen! Help!

    Oh good to know! And learn from!
  4. AilyNC

    Is this white spot?

    So dose daily for week would be 7 days & then a water change. Usually if you need water changes between doses it'll state that. However.... I would be wary of adding general cures or anything other than salt/melafix. If you use melafix add aeration with a water bubble thingy. I'd just water...
  5. AilyNC

    Does this stocking work?

    Honestly I like my fish bring a bit camouflage haha But Corys are a joy to keep so if you've another suitable tank I can't recommend them enough.
  6. AilyNC

    Tankmates for a well established Cory tank (Pleco there too)

    Oh they are nice. I must see will fish shop be able to order fish in specifically. Thanks :) Yeah I know the fish shop has rasboras for definite. I'll have a look at their stock but two types of schooling fish works well for me.
  7. AilyNC

    Tankmates for a well established Cory tank (Pleco there too)

    Lemon & diamond look lovely. Will jeep an eye out for them in stock I find the tank awfully bare since my plant stock depleted. But thank you. Will scape in a few wks once I've planned it out.
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  11. AilyNC

    Tankmates for a well established Cory tank (Pleco there too)

    Rasbora be a nice. I'm happy to go with brown/bronze colours to blend in. Will check fish shop supply. I've always wanted to try hachets but never found them in stock. I've Cardinal tetras in my smaller tank that's really a tank for my kid.
  12. AilyNC

    Is this white spot?

    Test & change water, consider adding salt or melafix (I've found these great for any sign of bacterial infection) if the Betta can tolerate it. I can't recall but I think they're ok - better to check first. Tag in anyone here you know with good experience with Betta. Not sure if @PheonixKingZ...
  13. AilyNC

    Tetra really swollen! Help!

    I'd find it very hard to see if a tetra had scales sticking out but with swelling like that I'd wouldn't rule out Dropsy. However I would suspect NTD (neon tetra disease). Either of those & the fish is doomed. I'd also worry about infection spreading. Personally I'd remove the fish from the...
  14. AilyNC

    Does this stocking work?

    Cory like a good flow, right? I'd avoid Angelfish. I love having Cory & they need a good gang so if it was be I'd go for a gang of Corys with the plecos. Then up mid-top a few fun schooling fish.
  15. AilyNC

    Leaking tank, flashing fish, disaster

    Wow Xmas Eve?! The stress!! I should have remembered how much live bearers annoy me :fish: they're nearly always infected with something, poop non stop & pop out fry constantly. The fish shops does take grown fry in but I imagine my kid will get attached & want to steal my big tank from me hahaha
  16. AilyNC

    Tankmates for a well established Cory tank (Pleco there too)

    I know questions about tankmates is often about water & preference. The bottom of the tank is active but I've nothing using the mid-top space. I've thought about lil Gourami but changed mind. Is there any fish you recommend to add some activity mid-top but keep my super peaceful vibe going on...
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