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  1. Xious

    150g Filtration

    Alright rookie questions but i'm used to smaller tanks. Please be gentle. So I have a 150g tank with 2 Oscars and 1 Pleco. For filtration I'm running a large sponge and a 75g rated HOB filter. With that i'm gravel vacuuming every 2 days. So my mechanical filtration is awful and the gravel is...
  2. Xious

    Dying Fish?

    this is the only one I have atm. He's the current sick fish.
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  4. Xious

    Dying Fish?

    Alright so i'm a week into the 10% water changes and am starting the 20%. All the original fish died last week but the girls had babies and all the babies are alive and well. About 17-20 babies in the tank. Also, I got 3 more guppies from my local pet store to test if it was the winter trip. The...
  5. Xious

    Dying Fish?

    Just did a 10% water change and the Nitrates are at 40ppm Also noticed the temp was at 83, probably not a huge deal but I dropped it down to around 78ish. Had it high for shrimp reproduction.
  6. Xious

    Dying Fish?

    Oh, wow lol ok got a fun week ahead! Definitely! Once the guppies are settled I'll add more plants! Any you'd suggest? Perhaps something that likes to eat nitrates if that's a thing? xD
  7. Xious

    Dying Fish?

    Will do, thank you! I didn't realize those nitrates were high. Kinda figured the 400s is where I would worry :( Min are much less interesting
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  11. Xious

    Dying Fish?

    Yes I can send pictures. No I don't do water changes because of the baby shrimp that have recently spawned. I don't want to suck them out lol Top tank isn't an issue, it's setup for the oscars, the goldfish live there by the oscar's good graces lol idk what to do with the goldfish at this...
  12. Xious

    Dying Fish?

    ty! :D
  13. Xious

    Dying Fish?

    Mystery snails, brown, black, blue, yellow, and I forget the 5th because he's always hiding! The tank has 2 sponge filters with airstones at the center :L
  14. Xious

    Dying Fish?

    Hello! I'm relatively new to the hobby, about a year in. I have a 155g tank with 2 Oscars, 2 catfish, and 2 goldfish (that the oscars didn't eat and have grown). I also have a 55g planted tank that's cycled and houses an army of Cherry Shrimp, plants, and 5 snails. Recently i've added guppies...