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    Betta fin rot?

    I have never had to treat bacterial fin rot, but the only med I can get here is Seachem Kanaplex so that’s the only choice I have. Whether Kanaplex is better than other med I really don't know. I’d watch the fish carefully, if the rot spreads to the fish body I’d say it’s too late for...
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    Betta fin rot?

    I never thought fish could turn around and bite their own tail, but others have said their bettas do, so there you go. If the dorsal fin is split, it could well be fin rot (unless bettas can bite their own dorsal fin), possibly bacterial. Without knowing the cause, large water changes are...
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    Betta fin rot?

    Has your fish shown any improvement with water changes? It looks like an established tank, how long has he been in that tank? The photo isn’t very clear, I can see are ragged fins but not necessarily caused by fungal or bacterial infection. Do you have any other fish with your betta that might...
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    Need help with my Betta

    I’m not too concerned that he’s hiding when placed in a new tank, but the close up photo looks like he’s a bit bloated with raised scales. If so, there may be no cure for it. Regardless, I’d make sure his tank is cycle with beneficial bacteria in it. Are the rocks taken from your community...
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    Have you been to a Petbarn before?

    You’ll be very disappointed if you visit Petbarn expecting to see Australian fish. About 90% of their floor space is devoted to stuff for cats and dogs. The other 10% is freshwater fish but they aren’t fish native to Aust. Mainly guppies, goldfish, angel, rainbow shark, etc. Occasionally...
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    Sydney aquarium shops

    I can't think of a pet store in the city. Rent is too expensive to make a profit, I think. You need to go to the suburbs to find them, the one I mentioned earlier is a good one.
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    Sydney aquarium shops

    Which part of Sydney will you be staying? To the west, try Auburn Aquarium & Terrarium. Or you can try Sydney Fish Market in Banks Street, Pyrmont :pepsi:.
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    I can only guess, your holder container may be contaminated. Did you use it for any purpose other than aquarium's?
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    What causes high pH?

    A very nice pond! I had a problem with pH in my 55G tank full of plants, as the pH fluctuation between day and night was around 0.6 (perhaps 0.6 was not worth worrying about). I’ve since reduced water agitation during the day by using a small HOB, and use a timer to switch on a larger HOB at...
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    Best peaceful yellow fish?

    The predatory insects are dragonfly larvae and the like. They hide among aquatic plants and are well camouflaged, and will grab tiny fry that come close to them, but if they expose themselves to Daddy betta guarding the bubble nest then they will be attacked and eaten by the betta. I wouldn’t...
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    SAE Question

    That’s a nice school of SAE. Did they grow to 6” / 15cm or were they a bit smaller? Yes, there are articles explaining the differences between SAE, Fox, CAE. They are not too hard to differntiate, but the subtle differences between different species of what may be considered SAE (Crossocheilus...
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    SAE Question

    Thanks Byron. Your (and other members’) advocacy for fish welfare is well noted. I don’t have problem algae and the SAE aren’t for that purpose, but I had to refer to them as SAE as this is what they are commonly called, which is unfortunate really. Not only that, these species are native to...
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    SAE Question

    Would anybody know if the SAE commonly sold are Crossocheilus langei, C oblongus, C atrilimes or something else? According to Seriouslyfish, C atrilimes are much smaller than C langei which would be ideal for my tropical community. Appreciate your insight.
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    Decided to set up a 120 gal with sump tank as an African cichlid tank. Need advice!

    I have 10 cichlids in a 55G – 4’ tank. Had 9 of them from juveniles but not all at the same time, they have been peaceful enough, and almost double in size in 12 months. The latest introduction is an OB peacock around 2 months ago which upset the only other peacock in the tank, the Eureka Red...
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    Artificial decor

    What you’re proposing to do to seal the holes up should work, although I wouldn’t think the risk of stagnant water in holes of artificial or real rock is significant. That said, when I first kept fish in my early teen, a guppy decided to investigate a hole of my seashell and got stuck. I had to...
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    Does it matter what type of paint I use on the OUTSIDE of an aquarium?

    I spray painted a 3mm MDF sheet and stand the sheet behind the tank. I had to cut the sheet to size first, but it's quicker that way as my tank was full of fish and water.
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    Paradise fish - reduce aggression

    Currently I have a paradise fish and 2 croaking gouramis in a 50 litre quarantine tank. The tank has sand substrate, plants, rock and driftwood like my other tanks. The 3 fish have been there for nearly 2 weeks now. The paradise fish flares at its own reflection in the mirror just like a betta...
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    Help! Ich

    You don’t seem to have much luck with your fish. I really think you have a problem with your water. Are there many aquarists in your local area? It'd be beneficial to see what fish they keep, and if you can share experiences.
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    Big rocks

    Those rocks from Amazon look nice. Now that you mentioned it, I probably have around 30-40kg of rocks in the tank. It’s spread over a large area so the pressure on the bottom glass is low, the tank sits on a sturdy timber base so I see no risk of the glass cracking under pressure. It’s a 4’ x...
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    Are Glo Fish Available In Australia?

    Yeah, click on the link and place an order if you must. If you’re lucky, you pay your money and receive no fish. If you’re unlucky, the fish are dead when they arrive a week later, and you receive a fine from customs for importing prohibited goods without a permit.