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  1. Little-Nipper

    Tank stand construction

    OK so I like your thinking 👍 I do love a bit of diy myself 😊 So I would definitely not 100 percent never put a 240 directly on top of that I'd suggest cutting a piece of 1" thick ply to fit on top and then putting foam or something between the tank and wood. I like your feet idea and the...
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    Screenshot_20230408_115244_Samsung Internet.jpg

  3. Little-Nipper

    Betta fish behavior

    Where was Betta sat for a few days while you let the tank "cycle" for a few days? Could that be the problem 🤔 and was he kept warm during this time? Like GaryE said just keep up with the water changes and add some botanicals to the tank, they will give off tannins and nature's antiseptic
  4. Little-Nipper

    Fish getting stuck in filter intake

    Personally I don't think a salt bath is needed in this case, obviously Bleu doesn't need the stress of that do you have any Indian almond leaves as they will slowly work while you are away. Make sure to keep the light off aswell 😉
  5. Little-Nipper

    Fish getting stuck in filter intake

    Put some Indian almond leaves in with him if there aren't any in there already, that's a natural antiseptic. Just give him some time with the lights out (2 days) he should calm down by then. The real question is why did he get stuck 🤔 How old is he? How long has he been in that tank with that...
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  10. Little-Nipper

    What type of Betta is this?

    No problem at all, its all good passing on knowledge and hearing about how other people do things, I like taking other ideas on and modifying them and putting my own stamp on it. like the gravel; people say "squeeze a sponge out to seed a tank" but that will just go into the new filter and...
  11. Little-Nipper

    What type of Betta is this?

    He is nice looking thanks 👍 that is why I took the chance on him and it is paying off quite nicely, all the fish are happy and swimming around in the open😊 and there is a constant bubble nest in the back under some frogbit 👍
  12. Little-Nipper

    What type of Betta is this?

    Blimey, that's a lot to reply to 🤪 I'll get an updated photo tomorrow as lights are gone out now 🙄 I didn't do any dry start method and I went against all advice that I've been told at my lfs and read online asfar as baby tears are concerned, I just thought I'd try a pot and see what happens...
  13. Little-Nipper

    PLEASE HELP: Betta fish has abnormal growths!

    Hi Jess, poor little chap does look a bit sorry for himself, I'm no expert but if it was me the first thing I would do is give him a salt bath (2 litres of tank water with 1 tsp of aquarium salt) put him in there for 10 minutes. While he is in there do a 75% water change on his tank and treat...
  14. Little-Nipper

    Injured Black Widow Tetra

    Sorry for the delay guys, yes Epsom salt and I'd dose 1 tsp (tea spoon) per 1 litre of tank water once a day and no longer than 10 mins but I have done it for 15 mins without a problem.
  15. Little-Nipper

    What type of Betta is this?

    P.S food I hatch brine shrimp once a week and freeze what doesn't get eaten. Fluval bug bites (crushed) Neutrafin flakes (crushed) Algae wafer Hikari crab cuisine Shrimp king complete Hikari Betta gold And I make my own food in the blender with beef heart, tuna, salmon, crab, prawns, boiled egg...
  16. Little-Nipper

    What type of Betta is this?

    Hi yes, so I think you have named every species in the tank apart from invertebrates; ×7 Amano's, about 100 cherry shrimp, 2 vampire shrimp and 2 nerites. There are : 1 Betta 5 gold ring Hillstream's 3 glow lights 8 kubatoi 6 CPD 2 Embers 11 Chilli's There were more but there was a recent...
  17. Little-Nipper

    Injured Black Widow Tetra

    Good shout isolating him, you could put some floating plants in to defuse the light a bit and somewhere to hide, you could try giving him a salt bath this should help with recovery. I once had a female guppy do the same thing on a fork in the bogwood she recovered but she never straightend out...
  18. Little-Nipper

    What type of Betta is this?

    Just a quick update for you guys, (so far so good) it's been a few days and everything is fine, Mossy has settled in and all the other tankmates are swimming freely and out in the open. I'm not going to lie, there has been a little bit of chasing but more of a get out of the way I'm coming...
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