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    What Fish Do You Think This Is?

    i agree all goldfish, no cruciancarp there. nice catch all the same daz
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    How To Measure Irregular Tank?

    divide your tank into 3 then work the vol for each section - spilt your tank into a rectangle and 2 triangles, work out the vol for each then add them together daz
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    Snail Species

    good topic
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    Have A Look At Percy

    reds can be kept on there own, alot of members of piranha forum do so and they seem to do really well. if you want to keep them in a group they need to be kept as a minimum of 4 to keep aggression on individual fish down
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    Have A Look At Percy

    Hi i don't normally post on here, just use it for reference, but am an active member and a member of staff on the best piranha dedicated site on the net - The infomation on your piranha will not grow as quick/bring out the colour? is incorrect. The reason piranha...
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    Red-bellied Piranhas

    try or
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    Dead Red Belly

    hi i dont normally use this forum just have a look every now and then, could of been a number of reasons why the smaller one was eaten( tanksize,challenging for a terrority, you could have one aggresive piranha who started the attack then the others followed, weak member of the shoal?), but i...
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    Plants Turning Brown?

    mine are too, can anyone help ?