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  1. Colin_T

    breeding in small tanks

    Do you want advice on tanks or on fish rooms? Tanks, try to go for tanks that are no smaller than 2 foot long. Use a blower (big air pump) and run some pvc pipe around the room in a loop so the air circulates around the loop and there are no dead ends. Hang it near the ceiling from curved...
  2. Colin_T

    Hi from Melbourne, Australia

    Hi and welcome to the forum :)
  3. Colin_T

    Tilapia pond

    More pictures of the dog fish please :) What's your dog fish's name?
  4. Colin_T

    About me

    Hi and welcome to the forum :)
  5. Colin_T

    Vote on these fish artworks

    I don't see any licorice gouramis or Beunos Aires tetras (maybe a redeye tetra) in there. The tetra is not as colourful as the others and that might limit the people interested in it. The sparkling gourami is dark but has its appeal. I like the Corydoras, looks a bit like a C. reticulatus. The...
  6. Colin_T

    Sexing angelfish

    Well fed males that are in good condition get a lump on their head. It's a fatty deposit that tells nearby females he is getting lots to eat. Both fish in the pictures have the lump on the head, so theoretically they are both males. If they start breeding, the females have a short wide...
  7. Colin_T

    Moving fish to breeding tank seems to have caused stress more than anything.

    Make sure the tank has a dark substrate and a picture on the back and sides. Make sure the water chemistry is exactly the same as the tub. If you are only getting a few eggs, separate males and females for 5 days before putting them together in the breeding tank. If male fishes are breeding...
  8. Colin_T

    Southern platy fish with white stringy poop, not eating and staying in the surface

    Intestinal worms in fish don't come from plants. They come from Asian fish farms that regularly grow ornamental aquarium fishes in sewerage ponds, or they grow daphnia (small crustacean) in sewerage ponds and feed the daphnia to fish. The fish get worms from eating the infected daphnia and pass...
  9. Colin_T

    Just got a shipment of tissue cultures in.

    Yeah it helps to have a sterile environment but mainly for the plants being cultured. You don't need a clean room or anything like that, just clean equipment, gloves, mask and a clean area to work (benchtop). If bacteria, yeast or fungus get into the culture containers, they feed on the...
  10. Colin_T

    Sort of a life change.

    Do you say that before or after you throw an annoying customer across the room? -------------- I still have cravings for bread and biscuits but can't eat anything with wheat in so the cravings come and go and have done since 2009 when I gave up wheat :(
  11. Colin_T

    Just got a shipment of tissue cultures in.

    Are you going to learn how to do tissue culture plants at home so you can cut out the middle man?
  12. Colin_T

    What size tank should I get for them in the future?

    A lot of juvenile cichlids are peaceful, same with rainbow sharks. The problems start when they mature and take over a territory. We need to know what species of cichlid and suckermouth catfish (pleco) you have before we can offer more advice on tank size.
  13. Colin_T

    Tilapia pond

    Which species of Tilapia are they? Are they for food or ornamental? We used to catch Tilapia mozambique in the Greenough River at Geraldton. They aren't meant to be there but they were.
  14. Colin_T

    What size tank should I get for them in the future?

    Hi and welcome to the forum :) What species of pleco? Some grow to 2 feet long and if you have a common pleco that gets that big, you need a tank that is 8-10 foot long or bigger. Adult angelfish need a tank that is at least 4 foot long x 18 inches wide x 18 inches high, and bigger is better...
  15. Colin_T

    Need help with euthanizing betta

    Before you kill the fish for possibly no reason, do the following. Test the water for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH. Wipe the inside of the glass down with a clean fish sponge. This removes the biofilm on the glass and the biofilm will contain lots of harmful bacteria, fungus, protozoans...
  16. Colin_T

    Is a 75 gallon big enough for two male dwarf gourami?

    Yeah they jump alright. Have lots of floating plants on one side and slowly go into the tank on the other side. They do settle down after a while but the first few months it's a matter of constantly checking the floor while doing a water change just in case they have gone over the side. A snug...
  17. Colin_T

    Please help!

    The male black phantom tetra in the picture is covered in excess mucous caused by something in the water irritating the fish. It can be poor water quality (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate) or chemicals introduced into the tank from an outside source (something on your hands or sprayed near the tank)...
  18. Colin_T

    Is this swim bladder?

    There is nothing wrong with the fish's swim bladder. It is having a seizure caused by something affecting the brain. Do a big water change, gravel clean, clean filter and do it now. then get some salt or medication in there otherwise you can lose the lot.
  19. Colin_T

    Is this swim bladder?

    This is an infection in the brain. They are most commonly caused by protozoa but can also be from bacteria or a virus. In most aquariums it's caused by protozoa and cleaning the tank and adding salt will usually prevent more fish catching it. However, the fish that are already showing symptoms...
  20. Colin_T

    Is a 75 gallon big enough for two male dwarf gourami?

    Hatchetfish with Apistogrammas would be nice. The hatchets wouldn't bother the baby cichlids and the cichlids shouldn't bother the hatchets. They aren't as colourful as the gouramis but are more interesting in my opinion. :)