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  1. KatieMR

    Help urgent betta Body Rot!

    Sorry, I just saw the tag on this - for some reason I did not get a notification. This is out of my experience, and I'm guessing it's too late for me to chime in, but I do hope you were able to find some antibiotics and that they helped!
  2. KatieMR

    Question about flutes and bettas

    Thanks for the response @GaryE! That is very reassuring! That is very interesting! I would love to test that theory out! Too bad there are so few whales in the midwest!
  3. KatieMR

    Question about flutes and bettas

    Thank you so much for the responses! I do not have a dog @Colin_T, so I can't judge by that; the only animals I have are the betta and a nerite snail, so I can't go by that. Thank you for a bit more of the science, @Valkyrie_Lips! I did try playing a bit on Sunday in the same room, and didn't...
  4. KatieMR

    Question about flutes and bettas

    This is a bit of a weird question, but I am wondering if anyone has experience with or found studies about playing flutes or other high instruments/music/noises around aquariums. I'm posting this in the betta forum, since I have a betta, but if it needs to be moved somewhere else, moderators...
  5. KatieMR

    Puget Sound Biotope

    This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the updates! I love the new lights!
  6. KatieMR

    Duckweed is awful

    My LFS has it in all their tanks which is what made me decide I never want it! I get free leaves every time I buy anything from them, because it sticks to anything they stick in the tanks: hands, bags, plants, the snail I just bought. I make sure I catch and dispose of every bit of it before...
  7. KatieMR

    Puget Sound Biotope

    Thanks for the update! This tank looks amazing. It is so interesting to see how far it has come!
  8. KatieMR

    Mick's Nano side hussle

    Thanks! I'll look out for one of those!
  9. KatieMR

    Mick's Nano side hussle

    What do you use for heaters in these things? I have a 1 gallon bowl that I started. Right now it just has plants, but I'm interested in getting a couple of shrimp to go inside, but the water is only about 70 degrees at room temperature.
  10. KatieMR

    Breeding rack

    I love how different these all look. I'm excited to see them with the intended stocking! I hope you can find the puffers soon!
  11. KatieMR

    Lazy betta?

    Can you look up a picture of it online and see which way the knob is supposed to go? Otherwise, you could test it in a bucket.
  12. KatieMR

    What’s your worst nightmare regarding your fish/pets?

    Not going to lie, that dream cured a lot of my temptation toward MTS.
  13. KatieMR

    What’s your worst nightmare regarding your fish/pets?

    I had a dream that I came downstairs and realized that I had ordered a whole bunch of tanks and the delivery guy had just mounted them onto the wall like TVs and plunked all the fish in. It looked really good (like something you'd find in an interior design magazine), but I knew the tanks were...
  14. KatieMR

    betta color change- good bad or normal?

    Yay! I'm so glad your betta is doing better! Please keep us posted on him!
  15. KatieMR

    betta color change- good bad or normal?

    There is a form in the fish emergency forum. If you could fill that out, that would help us know if there is something else going on!
  16. KatieMR

    betta color change- good bad or normal?

    I agree with Avel that you can increase the amount that you are feeding. He is looking pretty skinny. I would recommend slowly increasing since he is not used to a lot of food at once. If this was my fish, I would start with one or two pellets per meal, 3 to 4 meals a day, with at least 2-3...
  17. KatieMR

    Window Well Aquarium

    That looks so good! What a fun room! I love the lighting effects! I am definitely looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  18. KatieMR

    My first aquarium in a LONG time...

    This looks great! I never thought of putting legos in a fish tank, but that is a super creative way to get a themed tank!
  19. KatieMR

    1st 28Ltr Aquascape Betta tank

    I like it so far! What plants do you have in there?
  20. KatieMR

    Advice on High pH, low kH

    Thank you for your reply. I use water conditioner to treat for the chlorine/chloramine, so I am really much more concerned about the differences in pH at this point.