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    Still seeing fin rot in my tank

    I’ll look into getting some live plants. Could my filter pads be a reason contributing to high ph? I haven’t replaced them since I set the tank up.
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    Still seeing fin rot in my tank

    I’ll have to get tests for that tomorrow. I wouldn’t think it’s fin nipping, they all show some aggression but no fin nipping that I see? And relating to the plants: id like to switch to planted, would the gravel I have not work for plants though?
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    Still seeing fin rot in my tank

    Certainly in the early stages of fin rot for these ones but hoping it won’t worsen. Nitrate reads between 20 and 40 ppm. Which that shouldn’t be a concern right? I did a 75% water change and the ph is back to 7.6 like the tap. Ammonia still 0. I will do that with the tap water. But why would ph...
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    Still seeing fin rot in my tank

    I’m sure some of you have seen my posts about fin rot. It continues to be a problem in my tank. This time I’m beginning to see it on my angels and gouramis - not like crazy yet but probably coming. I can’t seem to figure out why although I have a pretty good idea: I think the ph is simply too...
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    Now here’s the other problem I have: My water quality has been awful ever since I got this tank setup and cycled. Ph from the faucet I fill the tank with reads 7.5 which would be fine for angels and gouramis but for some reason when I test it a few days after it’s been sitting in the tank, it...
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    Update: after some research I’ve decided to try gradually heating the tank to 86° Over the next 24 hours and keeping it there for the next couple weeks while doing 25-50% pwcs. Does anyone have any advice on that? The fish are tropical and can withstand this method and I prefer it over...
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    It has become apparent that my fish have been infected with ich. I’m assuming this has been the issue with my tank all along to those that have seen previous posts. Half of my fish have developed white spots. What can I do?
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    Fin rot

    Hi thanks for the response, I’ve lessened feeding and I don’t have crushed shell substrate it’s just colored rocks from the pet store very basic. I’m not sure what would be causing high ph but it never seemed to be a problem in the past until I upgraded to the bigger tank.
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    Fin rot

    Water changes seemed to help in the past. I have soft water. I haven’t recently added any medicine to the water. How do I safely lower the ph in the tank and how do I keep it that way?
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    Fin rot

    Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can help solve the problem I’m having. I did a 50% water change about two weeks ago in my freshwater tropical aquarium and everything was fine all the fish were good until about a week ago when I noticed all three of my plecos had fin rot on their top fins. One has...