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    Beta Died..

    I only started at Christmas when my wife bought me a small 5 gallon tank. Initially we had 2 female Beta’s in there and some neon Tetra’s which it seems is too many for that size tank based on what I’ve read here. We bought them based on a points chart that was available at a local pet store...
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    Beta Died..

    So my beta Billie died today. Came down this morning and found her up at the top of the tank after acting a bit odd the previous day. I treated the water and found the Nitrate and Nitrite slightly higher than usual so did a partial water change. Later in the day i found her right down the bottom...
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    Betta looks depressed

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    Betta looks depressed

    My betta has this same problem with one eye. It looks really bad but only happened some time today. Water readings have all been fine and I did my usual partial water change on Sunday. Epsom salts is what i’ve been reading is the best way to treat it and i’ve already ordered some which is due to...
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    Beta’s Hiding and Acting Strange

    Many thanks for all the advice in this thread. Billie does seem to be very happy right now and since the treatment for that fin rot problem is looking in great shape so I will leave her alone for now and perhaps explore the possibility of another task for other fish.
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    Beta’s Hiding and Acting Strange

    Now that I have just the one love female Beta left in my tank what would the advice be in respect of tank mates. I’ve read various places about best mates for her but just interested in whether it is a good move or is she better on her own. Just looks rather lonely in there this last couple of...
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    Beta’s Hiding and Acting Strange

    Well final update on this.. both recovered really well and although initially one was being quite aggressive to the other and chasing her all over the place they settled down and yesterday were happily co-existing together. However, when I got up this morning one was swimming about as normal and...
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    Beta’s Hiding and Acting Strange

    Just a quick update.. Both Beta’s are much improved and swimming around the tank much like before this all started. Photo’s attached. The silver/blue one does look in the photo as though it might have some fungus still but it doesn’t. I’m going to continue with the treatment for a short while...
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    Beta’s Hiding and Acting Strange

    Cheers much appreciated. Just tested the water and it’s coming out as fine again. Just wondering why that second one is struggling much more and seemingly for oxygen. Now she’s dived down to the bottom and hiding somewhere. Amazing they can hide in a small tank but she’s nowhere to be seen for...
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    Beta’s Hiding and Acting Strange

    This the other and as you can see she is not looking very good in so far as she has been staying up there all morning. Like the other one she has no visible signs of fungus any longer. To me that would appear to be a fish struggling to breathe. How do I test whether the water is being aerated...
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    Beta’s Hiding and Acting Strange

    This is the one that seems healthiest and swims around more than the other. As you can see there is no fungus on her but the fins are more closed than before and some like on the tail are now partly gone.
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