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  1. snork6

    Guppy pregnant again?

    Female guppies will always have a gravid spot. Female guppies can also have multiple batches of fry from only mating once. So likelihood is she probably is not pregnant at the moment but she could become pregnant again later down the road even if you don't have any males. You won't have to worry...
  2. snork6

    Sick guppy

    Hi! welcome to the forum :) In order for us to help you properly can you please provide us with some background information and maybe even some pictures? Before we can attempt to diagnose your fish we need to know the following: How large is the tank? What other fish are in the tank? Has the...
  3. snork6

    10 Gallon Tank Advice

    Before we can recommend fish we need to know the following: Has the tank been cycled? If not please read the following link Also, please provide the following water measurements. If you don't know how...
  4. snork6

    Swordtails....beginners question

    Why not go with a group of male soward tails? They are usually prettier and not as large as the females (so that means you could have more) plus there would be no risk of fry.
  5. snork6

    Fat or pregnant fish???

    This fish looks to be pregnant .WIth livebearers it is safe to assume that they are always pregnant. The female fish can have up to 6 births after mating only once.
  6. snork6

    fish randomly dying please help

    Hi! i'm sorry you are having trouble with your fish dying :( As stated before a 20 liter tank is not enough space for any fish except bettas, which even then prefer larger tanks. Pet stores (especial chain pet stores) will lie to you just to sell the fish. It is a common known fact in the hobby...
  7. snork6

    New member

    Welcome to the forum we are glad to have you :)
  8. snork6

    New to Keeping Fish-10 gal tank

    This link will help you learn how to properly cycle your tank :)
  9. snork6

    Need Your Advise for my Sunburst Platy

    If your fish do have fry, which they probably won't because they both look male in the photo, you will need to let nature take its course and NOT try and save the fry. You may not know this, but livebearers are cannibals and will eat their fry if they can catch them. So your best bet is to leave...
  10. snork6

    Need Your Advise for my Sunburst Platy

    This should help you learn about cycling your tank
  11. snork6

    can anyone ID these fish?

    definitely a hybrid, of which fish? I can't say
  12. snork6

    What type of fish is this?

    we're actually going with it's a sword tail
  13. snork6

    Question about platies and swordtails

    Before we can recommend fish we need to know your water specs. Specifically if your water is hard or soft (Platies need hard water). Also the size of your tank would be helpful.
  14. snork6

    Platy fry help!

    Inbred fry have a higher chance of deformed spines and death soon after birth........ that being said almost every fish you buy from the pet store is inbreed. That's how breeders make strains. It's just the way it works. If you don't want more fry then yes you should separate them.
  15. snork6

    What size tank should I keep an African dwarf frog?

    I kept two in a 10 gallon tank and they lived for about a year. I had no idea what I was doing at the time because I hadn't found TFF yet. So I have no idea if my tank was the right size for them.
  16. snork6

    Thinking of setting up a Ten gallon tank.

    Shrimp are always a good option for a 5 gallon tank
  17. snork6

    Pregnant sunburst platy?

    What we mean by holding sperm, is that they can store enough for up to 6 pregnancies not that they can control when they give birth. As soon as one batch of fry come out another one starts
  18. snork6

    what are signs of a Black Molly in labor?

    The fish will start to square off (her body will look like a box) she may stop eating and seem unsocial
  19. snork6

    Can anyone identify these guppies?

    The second one looks almost like an endler hybrid
  20. snork6

    Is my molly pregnant?

    It is impossible to tell from that pic BUT with livebearers it's safe to assume they are always pregnant.