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  1. freerunner416

    Help with tank problem

    There was no new objects put in but that is really interesting to hear. I had my water checked at the local fish store and talked through the issue with them. They think that the filter must have stopped working. Or not been high enough. I possibly forgot to turn it back up after the water...
  2. freerunner416

    Help with tank problem

    or that i have kept fish and discus for over 25+ years doing the same thing with no issues..... just saying.
  3. freerunner416

    Help with tank problem

    I live in central scotland. I havent heard of anything wrong with our water. Really sorry to hear about your fish also.
  4. freerunner416

    Help with tank problem

    I know its frowned upon but i have never used conditioner. I don't always match the temp of the water to my tank temp but it only drops 2 deg during water change
  5. freerunner416

    Help with tank problem

    Hi, Woke up this morning to find that all my large fish ( 3 x discus and 3 x large angels) were all dead. Also dead was a couple of my black tetras. I have added no fish in over two months. I have a 320litre tank and did a 60litre water change yesterday as normal. The fish were all swimming...
  6. freerunner416

    Discus doing a funny dance

    Hello, Havent posted in a while but have a question about my disus.... I have recently added 6 new young disus in with my 2 older discus that i have had for about 2 to 3 years. The older discus is often seen hanging or slowly twisting in the water with one of the young discus (the same one...
  7. freerunner416

    Mono Angels... Salt or Fresh

    Yeah i spotted the brackish and salt reference but thought it was weird that his fish were in straight fresh water. Thanks chaps.
  8. freerunner416

    Mono Angels... Salt or Fresh

    Hi, I was in a pet shop in Glasgow and in with all his fresh water fish he had Mono Angels. I thought these were marine fish so asked him about them and the info he gave me was that.... "The fish swim up the river and the salt water becomes diluted. Eventually they have inhabited fresh...
  9. freerunner416

    Wanted - Endlers In Scotland

    Morning All,   Hoping to set up a new tank for my daughter this weekend (using the media etc from my tank and water to kick start it).   She is looking for some endlers. Does anybody have any for sale or has anybody seen any for sale at any of the petshops around Hamilton area?? I think she...
  10. freerunner416

    My New Shrimp Cube.

    Could you mix the shrimp or is that a No No?? 
  11. freerunner416

    Japanese Themed Tank

    Hi, I noticed your post with your paintings.... why dont you paint your own one?  Your pictures were good and im sure you could do a similiar idea but with a japanese theme!   Go on try it..... :-)
  12. freerunner416

    A Very Disturbing Discover...

    My brother found my red bellied newt (after 4 months missing) in his bedroom under a pile of clothes, completely rock solid.   It had travelled a good distance from the tank too. Also cant believe my mucky brother not finding it for so long!
  13. freerunner416

    Suggestions For 4X2X2

    Hi,   I have had a few tanks with Discus and Angels. They will live together well until you find a pair in your tank.... then all hell breaks loose!! :-)   The angels are greedier for the food than the discus but as long as the food sinks the discus will do just fine.     Goodluck with the...
  14. freerunner416

    2Ft - 15 Gallon Planted Tank

    well if your selling any let me know as i was thinking of getting some after seeing yours. thanks
  15. freerunner416

    2Ft - 15 Gallon Planted Tank

    Hi,   the tank is lovely!!   Really like your Nymphoides. did you ever get round to using C02 in the tank or not?
  16. freerunner416

    Juwel 260 Replacement Bulbs

    Hi,   I think differnt lights do different things and give out different "bands" of light to either help the plants or make the fish look better....   The Jewel website or any place that sells the lights will give you an explanation of what they are good for.   Also, i have been told that to...
  17. freerunner416

    Scotland Fish Auctions...

    Have found these ones but they are in the North East of Englandshire.....
  18. freerunner416

    Scotland Fish Auctions...

    I am sure there is one that pops up in kirkcaldy ever year but i only ever hear about it after it has been run! I always fancy going to it.   There is also a koi carp "show" at the garden centre just outside of grangemouth the first week in august (not sure if its on this year though....)
  19. freerunner416

    Plants For Sale

    Hi   If i was to take all three of the crypts would you do a deal?
  20. freerunner416

    Advice On Moving A Tank Please

    Put it in the bath... get in the tub and scrub it.....   :-)