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  1. panda_cory

    Updated! Pregnant platy question

    The fry will be perfectly fine living in the breeding trap until they’re big enough to not be eaten, and being in the filter won’t have done them any ill effect don’t worry. If you want to give other babies a better change just add plenty of plants to the tank to give them places to hide.
  2. panda_cory

    Super Active Goldfishes!

    Yeah it’s perfectly normal for them to be looking for food all the time, it doesn’t mean they’re hungry or anything they will always accept food even if it gets to the point of it not being good for them. The chasing behaviour is most likely an attempt at mating, males will chase females and...
  3. panda_cory

    Panda Corey’s in a 10 gal

    Ideally they want to be kept in groups of 6 as a minimum
  4. panda_cory

    L264 Questions

    I am going to Pier aquatics soon and noticed on there website the L264's, So I would be interested in getting one if possible. First off would it be ok in this setup? A 125 Litre tank with a L183, 10 Kuhli ,Loaches, 2 Chocolate Gourami's, 8 Sparkling Gourami's, 2 Rams, 10 Hengli Rasboras and 2...
  5. panda_cory

    New Stock Question.

    Sparkling gouramis are a great choice, I have 10 of them myself and they are very friendly
  6. panda_cory

    Collections Wierd And Wonderfull ! Show Them Off Here.

    Well apart from collecting fish I also collect dvds, I have 264 movies and 61 tv series.
  7. panda_cory

    Help! Loach Dying!

    Sounds like he is stressed after being stuck, try leaving the lights off on the tank to calm him down
  8. panda_cory

    The Looney Picture Bin

    Do you like our new house?
  9. panda_cory

    Apistos And Shrimp?

    any small ones will be eaten, I think Amano shrimp are ok with them.
  10. panda_cory

    New Fish Not Getting To The Food.

    If you think there not getting any try stirring the top of the water so the food sinks or get some sinking wafers, it maybe that they are just not used to the tank.
  11. panda_cory

    What Tank Brand Would You Recommend?

    If your looking for a second hand one check gumtree, ebay ect. my MA has a load of big tanks in all the time.
  12. panda_cory

    Fluval Chi Journal

    They look awesome!
  13. panda_cory

    Nano Cherry Tank

    Looks very nice.
  14. panda_cory

    Bronze Corys Got Horns?!

    Sounds very odd
  15. panda_cory

    Dear Santa

    Money to start converting a freshwater to marine. (its only about £400 )
  16. panda_cory

    Answer Quick Pretty Please?

    Not sure but the general rule is if it can fit inside the other fish mouth it WILL be eaten.
  17. panda_cory

    Transporting Fish

    Your lfs should give you some bags and depending on where you go they might sell or give you some polystyrene boxes.
  18. panda_cory

    Lie To Me

    I'll guess 3 then
  19. panda_cory

    Khuli Loaches

    If they are always hiding add more places for them to hide, and they will come out more as they feel if they need to they can dart to a quick hiding spot if scared. Or add more, this ,might make them feel safer to come out. I have 10 in my tank and they are very cool.