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    Angelfish suddenly has lump behind belly

    last night I noticed the poop string starting to come out but still looks the same. Hasn’t been eating as much either :/
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    Angelfish suddenly has lump behind belly

    I took a few videos & thought this was the best but she’s cut off at the end . She’s been at the top swimming most of the day too. Hopefully the video helps
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    Angelfish suddenly has lump behind belly

    I did an Epson salt bath yesterday on her when I cleaned the tank. Seems to be a little more active today but from how she’s swimming, there’s alil red behind the back fins. They are constantly moving meanwhile my other angel’s fins are completely still
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    Angelfish suddenly has lump behind belly

    So I just noticed the lump randomly one day. The other angelfish is fine, all the other fish in the tank are fine. Fish is eating but I have not seen her poop at all. I tried feeding peas multiple times but won’t go for the peas at all, I smoosh them alil too. Now she’s been swimming almost...
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    Angelfish suddenly has lump behind belly

    So my tank perimeters are all good. I made a mistake tho, this is my female angel fish. This morning she’s just been swimming downwards. I have a plastic lid attached to the side of the tank right now for spawning & a breeding slate was supposed to be here yesterday so I’m hoping that helps...
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    Angelfish suddenly has lump behind belly

    I really hope it isn’t an infection! I was thinking it could be an injury from mating ? They can b pretty aggressive & they normally lay eggs.. then eat them in a few days unfortunately . No eggs this time tho, just a large lump & he’s staying towards the top of water
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    Angelfish suddenly has lump behind belly

    Hello , I have 2 active breeding angelfish , the male just suddenly developed a lump behind his belly tho & is having some trouble swimming. I tried to feed peas invade of constipation but he wouldn’t take them from me. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated , I just lost 2 important...
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    Super bloated Angel

    Thank you , I just wanna give her some kind of relief. I wish I knew if the Epson salt bath would help but I don’t want to stress her out for nothing. She’s still tryna fight I just dunno what else to try :/
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    Super bloated Angel

    I haven’t noticed her pooping since the last time. Above her mouth was red again this morning :( should I maybe try an Epson salt bath? I also seen a YouTube video where a guy put a clear inline tub down a goldfish’/ throat to help clear out an air bubble. I don’t want to do this but could air...
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    Super bloated Angel

    I’ve been mixing garlic enhancer from seachem with bloodworms or beefheart for food the last 2 days ? & I seen her pooping earlier which I haven’t seen in awhile so I’m taking that as a good sign. If it is a parasite , should I treat her with any meds ?
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    Super bloated Angel

    I hope not :( I noticed earlier her eyes look a little popped as well. I will try to feed her something with garlic tmrw , should I try metroplex? I couldn’t dose my whole tank, and I don’t have a hospital tank but I could dose the food.
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    Super bloated Angel

    I didn’t think about this before, but I do have another pair of angels in the tank. That female is super aggressive & I just noticed that pair nipping at the other male. Maybe they are preventing her from laying eggs? I am not sure I’ve only had single pairs of angels that lay eggs in the tank ...