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  1. Kelseyghardin125

    Guppy Female Endler Protrusion

    Hello again! Does this look normal on my female Endler guppy? There’s like a protrusion there on her belly closer to her head than her anal vent. I haven’t noticed any behavioral changes in her tho and nothing drastic has changed over the last few days so I’m not sure what could have caused it...
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  8. Kelseyghardin125

    Sexxing my Lyretail Molly

    Hello again! Can someone identify if this is male or female lyretail creamsicle Molly? I have a make Dalmatian Molly in my tank also and know that the Dalmatian Molly is a male. He constantly is chasing my lyretail and rubbing his nose on the lyretail’s belly like an attempt to mate or...
  9. Kelseyghardin125

    Pregnant Endler Guppy - Does this look normal?

    I purchased a couple of Endler females from the aquarium store yesterday. The employee said a couple of them that she picked *should* be fixing to pop. After getting them home and having time to thoroughly look them over, I noticed that 2 of them look seriously miserable. One is swimming...
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