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  1. BigBen1989

    Badger's 150g Rio Negro/Orinoco Flooded Rain Forest

    That's a great nuchal hump on the angel!
  2. BigBen1989

    Would you try this water?

    Any aerosols used in the house will have contaminated the water. I wouldn't use it.
  3. BigBen1989

    Fishroom Beginnings

    I've had an exciting couples days in the Apisto tank 😍. Mum is doing a fantastic job so far. If they swim off she picks them up and returns them to the group, and most of the other fish have quickly learnt not to bother her!
  4. BigBen1989

    fish that are fun but compatible with angelfish?

    Depending on tank size and water hardness, I have Bolivian Rams and Keyhole cichlids with mine. Works very well.
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  8. BigBen1989

    Gotta love how the internet confuses fish for eating and fish for keeping

    People have to eat what's available to them. If "ornamental" fish are easy to catch in a location, then it's going to be eaten. It's the same with insects, seen a stand in Thailand with all sorts of bugs for eating. Not sure I fancy dwarf gourami, or bugs though. I believe Basa fillets that we...
  9. BigBen1989

    Gotta love how the internet confuses fish for eating and fish for keeping

    There is a recipe for deep fired dwarf Gourami's out there somewhere. Came across it years ago.
  10. BigBen1989

    Need help figuring out how to stock my fish tank

    I'd say scrap the Betta as others have said. There's always exceptions where it works, but generally they're not good with other fish. What about a pair of dwarf cichlids if you have soft water? Blue rams, Bolivian rams of Apistos would work nicely in that tank. I'm a big Apisto fan...
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  12. BigBen1989

    eicca joins the hobby and the forums

    Hi! The tank looks awesome! I'm a fan of "pest" snails. They clean up any excess food and a bit of algae. Plus, if you're over feeding their population will explode so you know to cut back. Good luck with the cycle, I'm currently doing 4 fishless cycles 😀 Cheers, Ben.
  13. BigBen1989

    Fishroom Beginnings

    Thanks! The Keyholes have their moments looking a bit stressed, 1 of them in particular. I have 4 males so they're quite friendly without lady to scrap about! They're massively under rated fish in my opinion!
  14. BigBen1989

    Fishroom Beginnings

    Hi Everyone. I have posted here a few times before, but not many. It looks quite active here so I thought I'd reintroduce myself 👋. I have been keeping fish for about 11 years, mostly with South American communities, and a brief foray into Discus and Mbuna cichlids that were both unsuccessful...
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