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  1. GobyMaster11276

    Goldfish with fungal infection

    His scales appear normal at the moment. When it is light, I will try to get a picture of the ‘poo’ so you can get a better idea of what it is.
  2. GobyMaster11276

    Goldfish with fungal infection

    Update: the bacterial/fungal growth has been cleared up, thanks to a combination of medication, salt, and water changes, and none of the other fish developed symptoms, but I still face one major problem: the fish remains floating on his side. How does one go about treating this buoyancy issue...
  3. GobyMaster11276

    Goldfish with fungal infection

    It might be difficult to tell through photos, but there is a fuzzy growth (what I assumed to be fungus) along the dorsal and tail fins, situated around the edges. If you look at the parts where the fin seems irregularly shaped, you should be able to see it, particularly on the top of the tail...
  4. GobyMaster11276

    Goldfish with fungal infection

    Yep, I think most those in the US are here as well. Is there a combination medication I could use, just to hit both possibilities at once? I realise I am likely low on time at this point, so am willing to try anything. Here are some new, better shots as well:
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  8. GobyMaster11276

    Goldfish with fungal infection

    Thanks for the advice! I do have some covering over the pond, but evidently not enough for the amount of leave; a net will be a priority. My current med is bactonex, which I happened to have sitting around from a while ago. As a general update, the goldfish is still alive and kicking, although...
  9. GobyMaster11276

    Goldfish with fungal infection

    Oh, you’re right. I dunno how to attach the video, but the photo should be here now
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  11. GobyMaster11276

    Goldfish with fungal infection

    Thanks for your reply! Prior to the water change, my parameters were: Nitrate: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm pH: 6.5-7 Note that these may be slightly off, given I am colourblind, so I account for some variation in readings. I cannot test ammonia currently since my test kit for it expired recently (it was...
  12. GobyMaster11276

    Goldfish with fungal infection

    Hey all, One of my goldfish has developed a fungus type infection on his fins and has now been isolated in a hospital tank. I noticed the issue yesterday, since his swimming was abnormal, and today he is on his side, although fortunately still alive. I dosed the tank yesterday with antifungal...
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  15. GobyMaster11276

    Carp conditions

    Sorry about the quality; I only have my phone to take the photos and they aren’t the most co-operative subjects— I have ventures to get better ones, so helpful they help. Pictured, you will see the one with the biggest dorsal lump, so you can see what I mean. The three fish all have the black...
  16. GobyMaster11276

    Carp conditions

    Long story short, I have ended up with 3 rescue carp (fingerling?) from a friend. However, there are some physical characteristics I am unsure of. First, all three have a black spot on their abdomen, on just one side. Is this merely an aesthetic feature, or something more malicious? They also...
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  19. GobyMaster11276


    Lovely! Have you introduced new plants recently? It might have come with them.
  20. GobyMaster11276

    Word Association Game