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  1. FungusTrooper

    Ask Questions About Cycling

    Since I can't edit my post any longer, sorry for double posting!   I just tested again (24 hours since I dosed back to 3ppm) and ammonia is about 0.125 and nitrites are just over 1. So.. now I'm on step two, feeding it snack amounts of ammonia and testing daily until they both hit very low, then...
  2. FungusTrooper

    Ask Questions About Cycling

    Heyo, so, okay. At 5pm last night, it was 0/0. I dosed with ammonia to bring it back up to 3ppm, waited half an hour and tested to make sure, then left it overnight. I tested at about 9:30am this morning, and it's now about 0.5ppm. What's my next course of action? I'm almost certain it'll be...
  3. FungusTrooper

    Ask Questions About Cycling

    Well, I added 3ppm 2 days ago, so I'll wait 'til tomorrow and test - I'm assuming it'll be 0 again, then I'll take your advice and see just how quickly it's going down.   This is actually going to be an emergency tank for newcomers/etc before we put them into one of our "real" tanks, so I have...
  4. FungusTrooper

    Is My Cycle Stuck?! Cycle Journal.

    Treating the water kills the chlorine, which allows bacteria to grow.
  5. FungusTrooper

    Ask Questions About Cycling

    Heyo, sorry if this was answered already, but I'm cycling in a planted (fishless) tank. I started 4 days ago and used Ace ammonia to get the tank to 3ppm. I just did my first 3 day ammonia/nitrite reading - they were both 0. I'm guessing the plants are eating the ammonia.   What do I do? Keep...
  6. FungusTrooper


    So how's this doing now? It's been a good few months!
  7. FungusTrooper

    Ammonia Tests - Confused!?

    I always wait until the next day to do any testing other than PH after a water change, let things settle and balance out a little.   That being said, I don't know if that's the correct length of time to wait.
  8. FungusTrooper

    Frozen Bloodworm Killed My Firemouth

    Ah, that sucks. I'm glad I happened to read about this kinda stuff before I tried it the first time, otherwise a similar tale may have befallen me.   Sorry for your loss! All you can do is take the knowledge gained and avoid the same mistakes in the future.
  9. FungusTrooper

    White Fungus Circles On Wood

    Hey y'all,   We have a tank that contains a single male golden gourami, and it's been established for a few weeks now. Planted, etc. Less than a week ago we put a piece of manzanita wood from a LFS that we'd soaked for a few weeks and removed as much of the tannin as possible. I tied a few java...
  10. FungusTrooper

    Cory Trilineatus Refusing To Eat

    I think he's on the way out, unfortunately. Now the other three have pretty much teamed up and spend most of their hunting time together, but the 4th one still just acts like a lump. He might be scavenging when the lights are off, but I kinda doubt it.   Oh well, it happens. Sad to see, but I'll...
  11. FungusTrooper

    Tropical Fish Newbee :)

    Hey, I was born and raised in MK and then moved to Texas in the USA last October!   What fish are you thinking of getting? We need a lot more info before we can give specific hints, but the biggest one is always read up on what you're thinking of doing, make sure you know what you're doing...
  12. FungusTrooper

    Big Ear Spawn

    This was a good read! I hope your next attempt runs smoother, though :D.
  13. FungusTrooper

    Jew's Nest

    I just wanted to share that Jew, my 2-ish month old betta (well, that's how long I've owned him, and he was pretty small upon purchase) was just caught red-handed in the middle of building a nest.     Here's a YouTube video of him caught in action. We don't own any female betta (yet), so for...
  14. FungusTrooper

    Need An Id

    Just a quick update on this, he's taking pretty well to the new tank, I think. He's schooling with the emeralds, for now, which is nice to see. He's eating, and is slowly getting more active day by day. As for physically, he still has his barbells, and it looks like there's a clear re-growth...
  15. FungusTrooper

    Cory Trilineatus Refusing To Eat

    Hey guys,   I got two new cory trilineatus for my trilineatus/betta tank the other day. Both showed signs of stress, as can be expected, but right now I'm watching my original two and one of the new ones chowing down on a sinking shrimp pellet together. However, the other new one isn't fairing...
  16. FungusTrooper

    120 Litre Planted

    We will never excuse the cucumber and spoon.   Nice though, it's cool to come back and update these old topics. Glad it worked out for you.
  17. FungusTrooper

    A Couple Questions

    Mine does that sometimes, and I've had him for a couple of months. Most of the time he's pretty chill, but now and then he'll dart about or even just "twitch", like you said. Just keep an eye on him - so long as he's eating, like you say, and is somewhat active and curious, he should be fine.
  18. FungusTrooper

    A Couple Questions

    It almost looks like he has a large armchair inside the tank to rest in :).   If he seemed happy in his old tank, and the water params and requirements are met in this tank, he should adapt. As Meer said, he may just need time to adapt. That last tank was his! His property! Now he's been booted...
  19. FungusTrooper

    Corydoras Losing Barbells Dying Due To Sand ?

    Yikes. The large cory tank I have is on a substrate of play sand, black petco sand and a bag of tahitian mixed in. I'll keep an eye on their barbells. Man, what a chore changing the substrate would be! I hope it'll be okay.
  20. FungusTrooper

    Need An Id

    He has survived the day so far, and he ate some shrimp pellet when I fed them all earlier. Upon closer inspection, it seems his back fin is a bit damaged and some is missing - we're hoping he was hunted, and that's why he was donated to the LFS. We'll keep a close eye on him and see what happens.