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    Female Bettas with Male guppies??

    I have a large tropical tank of which I have some harlequin rasboras, platys, mollies and male guppies. I was wondering if I could add a few female Bettas as I'm new to fish keeping and not sure of their temperament (particularly with male guppies?) I have enough space for more fish, live...
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    Is this guppy male or female?

    Oh is it the yellow one? that one is a platy fish who i was told is female
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    Is this guppy male or female?

    I didn't realise you could sex them by looking at that fin thanks!
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    Is this guppy male or female?

    Which one do you think is female? These are pics of the other three I have if that helps
  5. IMG_20200927_183614.jpg


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    Is this guppy male or female?

    I'm new to tropical fishkeeping! Recently added some guppies to my tank which I were told were male but I am starting to think the black one is female? Mainly because lack of colour, shorter tail and rounder body compared to the others. Just wondered if anyone could clarify through the photos...
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