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  1. Den4o7

    Pregnant Amano?

    I'm raising Amanos atm in freshwater and they have been fine for two years weeks. The first time i had a momma i put the zoes in 35ppt saltwater and two hours later every single one was dead . And they're 100% Amano shrimp before anyone doubts it. So im not too sure they do need saltwater after...
  2. Den4o7

    New boy

    Hi from Sussex :D
  3. Den4o7

    Where do i go from here :?

    Where do i go from here :?
  4. Den4o7

    Little Kingdoms

    Hi all, as per usual; I'm new and in need of help. Not a 100% new fish keeper, however, i bit off more than i can chew when i took over a tank off someone. Also unsure of all breed names in English and some i just haven't had before. Most of the fish are left over from when i took over and some...