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    Plastic plant cleaner advice

    Yeah, I have a tooth brush just for fishtank use and isn't helping. Also some wire wool. I just can't believe how tough this stuff is, it's driving me mad. Nothing seems to work.
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    Plastic plant cleaner advice

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks with plastic plant cleaner? Currently using some that comes in a tab form, you soak for 8+ hours, then rinse and soak with a neutralising agent for further 8 hours. I've done my rocks as it says you can use on those, algae has gone from green to brown, seems...
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    Can anyone identify if this is a parasite?

    Hey guys... I've had my otos for around 3 months now and even when I first got them I noticed a small discoloured spot on the underside towards the tail end of one of them and he/she seemed fine so thought it might have been scar tissue. I then thought it may be eggs but now I don't think so as...
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