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    I will tell her to try epsom salt, thank you!
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    This is my sister’s female betta fish. She has never been in another tank with a male betta and she eats and moves around fine.. I initially thought it was just constipation, but now I’m not too sure. I don’t think it’s dropsy either because her scales are fine, but I’m still not sure. Does...
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    Help! What’s wrong with my betta?

    The edges of his fins are also translucent and have been since his scales started changing colors, which has been for awhile now
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    Help! What’s wrong with my betta?

    This is Mushu, my male dragonscale betta. I am not proud to say that I got him from a pet store, but he’s been properly cared for and has been thriving. I’ve been noticing pretty prevalent changes in his scales and fins color wise. He was white and red when I got him, then grew some blue scales...
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