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  1. DragonScales+Doubletails

    Praying mantis

    Hi, This is Peter my Chinese praying mantis. he jumped on my leg while I was catching garter snakes. He is a good eater and lives in a 20-long tank for now. I thought I'd share this cool find. Here he is eating a painted lady butterfly.
  2. DragonScales+Doubletails

    I'm done

    I think I'm done with the whole fishkeeping hobby. I rescued my first reptile and am liking it a whole lot more. I've also found that I can't really afford to take optimal care of a tank, just started high school and I have very demanding classes and so little time. I think I'll stick around the...
  3. DragonScales+Doubletails

    Clogged Femoral Pores

    My Beardie's Femoral pores are clogged, nothing super crazy but I still need help with the cleaning part. any advice is appreciated!! I can't get photos until tomorrow because the lighting is terrible(I'm limited to a laptop camera)
  4. DragonScales+Doubletails

    Fun Facts We Didn't Need To Know

    I guess this kind of counts as a forum game. :fish: *Rules*...
  5. DragonScales+Doubletails

    Essay on bettas.

    I finished my argumentive essay on betta fish in bowls today and I'm contemplating whether or not to post it. I don't want to ruffle any feathers, or wait, umm pinecone any scales. I'm not finished typing my bibliography quite yet but I'm working on it. Does anyone want to read it? or should I...
  6. DragonScales+Doubletails

    Tadpole ID

    Hi all! I'm looking to get back into the frog game and want to start with a tadpole. These are black and I'm assuming they are toads rather than a frog. is that plausible?
  7. DragonScales+Doubletails

    Convict in a 10 gallon?

    Hi All! I am receiving 3 10 gallon tanks soon and am wanting to get into cichlids for the first time. Do you think 1(one) convict cichlid in a well-maintained tank would be an OK scenario:/?
  8. DragonScales+Doubletails

    New betta breeding pair.

    I bought a blue and black marble knight male betta to breed with a female Galaxy koi. I will breed them in a few weeks. male: Female (Extremely similar): I'm very excited to finally breed again since the first time wasn't planned. (I ordered a small group of females to accompany my...
  9. DragonScales+Doubletails

    New betta! names needed.

    today I picked up a blue marble male for my 5-gallon tank. have and good names for em?pardon the water spots and tacky ornaments. this tank is my first so it's not well decorated.
  10. DragonScales+Doubletails

    What fish is on your Wish list?

    :fish: What fish do you long to keep in the future? or just some that you find very interesting, share your thoughts here.
  11. DragonScales+Doubletails

    "Our planet" betta segment

    I love this segment.
  12. DragonScales+Doubletails

    Help. I need grade advice

    ok, I am an honor student who has straight As and one F (in math) will I have to Re-do the math course the only reason I have this fail is because of the terrible math website Iready lessons can take an hour at a time. and my mth teacher wants 10 a week not to mention 2 comprehension checks. and...
  13. DragonScales+Doubletails

    my optometrist appointment....

    I found out im near sighted and my left cornea is bigger than my right one... ...Is that an issue or just something normal. I also have an outer tear duct on my right side
  14. DragonScales+Doubletails

    whats your favorite live bearer

    I personally like guppys and leasts
  15. DragonScales+Doubletails

    new forum member

    I am excited to use this forum I stumbled upon.I have currently 2 bettas(dragon scale plakat and a cellophane doubletail) too many guppies,2dogs,Way too many plants,and one little snail