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  1. SomethingsFishy24

    Mistake? Or just overreacting. (Firemouth pair)

    Thank you for the response. I do not mind if they don't spawn right now as we have a lot going on in the next couple weeks. I just didn't want to leave them as they were with the community, only to hear or find they beat the daylights out of every other fish in the tank because they spawned...
  2. SomethingsFishy24

    Mistake? Or just overreacting. (Firemouth pair)

    I have a M/F pair of Thorichthys meeki, who had been in a community tank up until 48 hours ago. I noticed that they were getting more colored up, sticking close and just nitpicking everyone. I moved the pair quite quickly and easily to a 55 gallon planted that I have prepared just for them. They...
  3. SomethingsFishy24

    Whats the stupidest/most useless fish related thing you have bought.

    A both the plastic and mesh breed/hospital box. Worthless pieces of crap. Absolutely worthless. Might be great for guppies but for anything else they are just crap. Granted, I purchased them because I needed something ASAP and they were the only option. Now I have a pair of XL acrylic boxes...
  4. SomethingsFishy24

    Swarms of 'mini-shark' beach bugs are on a foot-biting rampage in California

    Sand fleas or better mole crabs are harmless, creepy but harmless. These little razor blade toting Isopods are completely different than the sweet little "sand piggies"(my kids call them that 😂).
  5. SomethingsFishy24

    This is the stuff that annoys me about this hobby

    A brand new Pet shop opened 5 minutes from my home. I was like sweet, got to check it out see if they will buy my plants and possibly BNP fry. There are no words. Needless to say I will not sell anything to him. He had a beautiful tank set up under the checkout counter, at least 240 gal. It had...
  6. SomethingsFishy24

    Disney World visitors trapped on ride

    While the song is absolutely horrifying in of itself, it is at least way cooler inside that ride than the temperature outside. When we went a few years ago with my oldest, it was April and high 80's, too dang hot for April. Though I am not fond of the ride we did ride a few times just to escape...
  7. SomethingsFishy24

    Maybe this isn't the best hobby for clumsy people

    No worries, even the most experienced have their moments. I have a couple deep tanks and I can't tell you how many times I have ended up with a wet tshirt, water on the floor or dropped various objects off the step stool platform. Sometimes, it just seems written in the stars for each and every...
  8. SomethingsFishy24

    Why are some species bold and other skittish ?

    I will have to snap a picture. They could possibly be Delphax or Agassizii as they look quite similar to either, or they could be some weird cross. I don't know but my faith in buying cory cats for what they are sold as is pretty slim at this point. 😂 ☠️
  9. SomethingsFishy24

    What kind of fish have you kept before?

    He is in the 180g. I am trying to convince my husband that he needs more room. He said only if we win the lottery🤞🤣
  10. SomethingsFishy24

    What kind of fish have you kept before?

    They are almost corporeal when young, the bigger they are they get a bit stiffer in motion side to side but they can throw it in reverse like no other. They look very stately in their tuxedos. MIne is 18" long now at 3 years old.
  11. SomethingsFishy24

    What kind of fish have you kept before?

    Black ghost knife fish, it is a mouth full😅
  12. SomethingsFishy24

    What kind of fish have you kept before?

    Over the years I have had a little bit of everything except minnows and sharks. I love cichlids, specifically SA. I also have had a number of oddball species though BGKF have a very special place in my heart.
  13. SomethingsFishy24

    Soften/acidify water for black ghost knife fish

    My BGKF is 18" at 3 yrs old(I have had 3 over 22 years, this one is the newest) They can be a sensitive fish, especially to any change in water quality or lackadaisical maintenance that leads to bad bacterial grow. 180+g is where you want to be at minimum for an adult. I would not keep a BGKF...
  14. SomethingsFishy24

    Andinoacara species inquiry (acaras and terrors)

    EBA and standard BA will happily pair off together and produce fry, then it is simply a matter of what genetics the BA has that will determine the % of fry being either color. There are a few species of cichlid that will hybridized, so if the goal is to breed, keeping species only tanks is...
  15. SomethingsFishy24

    Fun Facts We Didn't Need To Know

    I am not sure there would be enough taurine in a vegan to allow the big cats to thrive. Shame on you trying to feed them plant based meats. 😂 Edited to add: Just in case"They eat antelope, antelope eat grass". Yep. I know. I am being a smart bottom. Never feed a cat a vegan diet, nor should...
  16. SomethingsFishy24

    Do pet stores carry such bad stock that you should quarantine?

    I quarantined my new kitties in a separate room on another level of the house in a room closed off from the others. Made sure hands were washed and I changed my clothes after interacting with the new kitty. After threat of disease was passed we began " scent exchange" and gradual introduction to...
  17. SomethingsFishy24

    Whats the most disturbing thing you've seen a fish do.

    Mom lives in Michigan. The pond had no heater, was too shallow to not completely freeze, hence why we needed to move the fish(they were eggs that hatched in a lilly pot she moved from the big pond). It was covered over with 2+ feet of lake effect snow. Best we can figure is maybe the layer of...
  18. SomethingsFishy24

    Whats the most disturbing thing you've seen a fish do.

    Trying to catch a Comet out of a shallow pond before winter (2 ft deep, murky, needed to get in it to be able to reach center). He was stepped on by my husband, wrote off for dead, pond froze over completely. In Spring he defrosted and was ALIVE! My mom couldn't believe it, she called just to...
  19. SomethingsFishy24

    Do pet stores carry such bad stock that you should quarantine?

    Mammals usually are vetted, not fish. Even well vetted animals should be under quarantine conditions, length of time depends on species and the varied pathogens each can carry. Nothing in this world is 100% and I stand by my statement that no matter the species, or where it is gotten from, if it...
  20. SomethingsFishy24

    What fish would you like to eventually keep?

    My LFS has these guys on the regular. They are pretty cool fish. Monos and scatophagus argus are some I would like to keep one day.