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  1. Circus

    Lid or no lid?

    I have lids on almost all of my tanks now, but they used to mostly be open to the air. Duckweed goes crazy with or without, but with a lid I occasionally have problems with my frogbit. Without a lid I also find myself doing a water level top off midweek between water changes. It can take a...
  2. Circus

    Recently Purchased Blackchin Livebearers

    That is actually super cool. Makes me wonder what the original common name for them was.
  3. Circus

    Recently Purchased Blackchin Livebearers

    Well, my LFS doesn't sell them yet, so hopefully I can give them for credit. That is how I pay for all of my frozen fish food anyhow.
  4. Circus

    Recently Purchased Blackchin Livebearers

    Been a while since I have been on the forum, this last year has been rough. Hoping to be a bit more social in the future. I went to Fishtoberfest last weekend and acquired about a dozen Black Chin Livebearers, Girardinus metallicus. I put them in my 40 gallon breeder tank (36L x 16H x 18W). My...
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  8. Circus

    Who keeps barbs?

    55 gallon community peaceful tank, with Black Ruby Barbs. They are very lackluster in the store, but once full grown in the tank are absolutely stunning. I have a dozen now and am going to move out other fish so I can have 20 or more.
  9. Circus

    Oh boy...

    Yeah, that always sucks. I was so happy when I heard my coworker had gotten his kid a fish tank. Someone to share my hobby with! Then they went and got a hodge podge of fish, even after asking my advice and me helping them with research. It is so disappointing.
  10. Circus

    Convict in a 10 gallon?

    Maybe an umbrella cichlid?
  11. Circus

    Convict in a 10 gallon?

    If you want cichlids for a 10 gallon, I would look at N. Multifasciatus. They will need very hard water, and giant shells to live in. You could probably do a couple pairs in a 10 gallon. They are fun little fish.
  12. Circus

    Internal Filters for a Brackish 10 gallon

    I have a vampire crab tank and a fiddler crab tank. I used an aquaclear in my fiddler crab tank (not a duper big fan) and an Aqua Dream filter in my vampire crab tank. I really love my Aqua Dream filter, even though I have only had it a couple months. Easy maintenance and it comes with a spray...
  13. Circus

    Cichlid tank Question

    I started my shell dweller colony with 1 male and 2 females. There are over 30 fish in the colony now, with the 3rd generation currently breeding. I trade my extra adults to my LFS for credit. It does take about 6 months to get to a good stocking point (for a 30 gallon, at least) if you only...
  14. Circus

    Panda Garra Compatibility

    Or would they go okay with 4 pea puffers in a 20 gallon tank?
  15. Circus

    Panda Garra Compatibility

    I have a 29 gallon tank (30×12×18) with a trio of Dwarf Chain Loaches in it. Unfortunately I cannot get more any time soon from my LFS (six months or more). The tank also has a group of Sparkling Gourami and 3 otocinclus. Ph 7.4 and hardness 110ppm. The tank has been set up for over 2 years. My...
  16. Circus

    Killer Tank Strikes Again

    It is possible that at one point the tank had chemicals used on it (unless you got it brand new), which leached into the seals and is now leaching back into the water. But then it should have had an effect on all fish, not just 2 batches. Does the tank maybe get sun during the day? That can...
  17. Circus

    Biting Betta

    Betta, especially in a community/sorority setting are very territorial. It is probably them just getting uppity about you being in their space.
  18. Circus

    Kissing gourami and pleco growth?

    Sorry, the only gourami I have kept myself are Pearl gourami, and it has tank 6 months out of the pet shop to reach sexual maturity for them. I am sure someone with experience in them will come along soon. Edit* correcting autocorrect
  19. Circus

    Kissing gourami and pleco growth?

    Glad you have a good set up and plan for him! After the first year they do slow down in growth, if he is already nine inches I don't think there is anything to worry about. My cousin's common came out to around 20" after almost 5 years.