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  1. onidrase

    New To Cichlids

    Don't mix lakes, tanganyikans need totally different community styles and diets from most malawis.
  2. onidrase

    Tanganyikan Multies!

    I used to have a breeding colony of these guys in a 50 gallon and they were murdering anything that got near them, even the compressiceps cichlids that tend to be left alone due to their sharp scales. They didn't back down for anything. I'd leave it as is, any bottom feeders you add would eat...
  3. onidrase

    My New Tiger Oscar

    Cichlid flakes are designed for central and south americans. I've never seen one suited for mbuna. It's impossible to have 1 food that is suited for both carnivores and herbivores to eat, totally different nutritional properties and digestive systems.   All the companies are going to say it's...
  4. onidrase

    Maximum Nitrate Level For Discus?

    Regular water changes must be done, but ideally the nitrates should stay below 20 or so. Since discus eat such a high protein diet, it doesn't take long for the nitrates to reach that high, especially when they're young.
  5. onidrase

    Firemouth Cichlid Tank Mates

    Tiger barbs are some of my favorite. I had a group of 16 of them in a tank your size, only more cichlids. You could easily have a big school of them.
  6. onidrase

    A Shy Ramirezi?

    could be stress or perhaps getting picked on by the male to breed. Keep an eye on them and watch for any chasing done by the boys. The males tend to be very feisty with the ladies trying to make love. I've never known german blue rams to be of the shy type, though.
  7. onidrase

    My New Tiger Oscar

    I'd say remove the oscar, use the 55 gallon for a fair set of malawi cichlids, with extra filtration, of course.   My 50 gallon african cichlid tank has 10 melanochromis cyaneorhabdos, 6 yellow labs, and a bumblebee, which is what an african cichlid tank should be, a lot of fish to disperse the...
  8. onidrase

    Golden Gouramis Fighting (new Keeper Please Help)

    You're not doing anything wrong, necessarily. Three spot gouramis (otherwise known as blue, opaline, platinum, or gold) just don't like each other unless there are plenty of ladies to go around. You're tank is on the small end for 1, none the less 3+ though. I'm gonna back up berryattack on...
  9. onidrase

    Bristlenoses Are Very Shy Fish?

    I've heard females are more active than males, that may be the case. I've have the same pleco for almost a year now and he's no more brave than he was when he was the size of my thumbnail. But it could also depend on the individual, like you said Drop it in there before bed time, when you turn...
  10. onidrase

    Bristlenoses Are Very Shy Fish?

    I've got one in my 75 gallon, hardly ever see him. I just know he's there. I feed him fresh veggies an wafers every night, he'll get them when he wants them, but they are nocturnal catfish, don't expect a lot of outgoing behavior.
  11. onidrase

    Blue Ram Just Died I Think!?

    Blue rams are finicky and prone to dying for no apparent reason. They are well known for acting perfectly healthy and happy and being dead in the corner moments later. Perimeters need to be warm, soft, and acidic. It's not unlikely that the german blue ram had some bad genetics either, sometimes...
  12. onidrase

    Whose Chewing On My Corys?!

    both gouramis and danios can be aggressive. Danios are definitely fin nippers, and I've noticed they tend to be nippier in smaller spaces like a 20 gallon. three spot gouramis in general can be nasty fish. I've never been able to keep one without it trying to kill others when it reaches the 4-5...
  13. onidrase

    My New Multifasciatus Tank

    I'd leave it as is. These guys are pretty sensitive to nitrates and changes in water perimeters, so it's not wise to fill the tank to the brim with fishes, especially if they're incompatible.
  14. onidrase

    Angelfish Tank Mates

    Denisons barbs imo need a bigger tank. They do best in groups of 6 or more as schooling fish, and get a good 6 inches long or more. They generally do well with angelfish since they're not aggressive, but moving around at high paces in a smaller tank like a 40 as opposed to say a 75 or so may...
  15. onidrase

    New 23g

    If you're thinking german blue rams, then no. Bolivian rams, maybe. GBR's need a really high temp which would make your other fish uncomfortable, and cook the swordtails. Swordtails may also do better in a larger group, but I don't know livebearers well so I can't say for sure. One thing to...
  16. onidrase

    New 30 Gallon Tank

    The convict will probably destroy the blue acara. Blue acaras tend to be pretty docile. Honestly, it'll be a case to case thing on who would kill who, the convict or jewel. I've had nothing but bad eggs with both species, and they would not get along in a 30 gallon tank. You'll want to follow...
  17. onidrase

    Liquid Bacteria

    When I tried API's quickstart, I used it as a additive just to see if it'd do anything if I were to fishless cycle. I just threw in the recommended dosage, added 4 ppm of ammonia, and waited. And wait a little longer. Redosed the API 4 times with no results within a week or so. Guess a few...
  18. onidrase

    Liquid Bacteria

    I have not had any luck with it myself. I recently tried API's new "Quick Start" product, and it did nothing on my 50 gallon tank when I was fishless cycling it. When I set up my first fish tank, before joining the forums and such, I used that stress zyme stuff to kick it up, which didn't do...
  19. onidrase

    Goldfish Rescue

    If you throw a bit of media from your other tank (if it's established) into this one, it'll already be cycled. I'd try to find somebody with a pond or something for the poor goldfish. And that tank looks like a paper shredder I can't resist mentioning