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  1. CaT209

    How to delete your account?

    Some people are cool .. but there's us a few that ruin any fun to be had here... I was enjoying myself but I'm tired of the purists that complain if you don't post the name of a fish right or are always telling others how they should enjoy your hobby.. They are your fish enjoy them how you...
  2. CaT209


    Was waiting for someone to come along and look down from your ivory tower... Whatever dude it's a hobby and they are my fish.. your opinion on hybrids isn't wanted or needed. I'll enjoy my fish how I want... you killjoy people like you are the reason people leave forums.. your obsession with...
  3. CaT209


    They are practically black. With some dark dark orangish red fins... They have a bunch of rare species of Corydoras right now.. I want the green lasers but at $20 per fish they get expensive fast.. I could get 10 to 18 of a couple different Corydoras for the price of 5 green lasers. I found 4...
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  6. CaT209


    I found some CORYDORAS SCHULTZEI "BLACK VENEZUELA" at the LFS today... been wanting these guys for a while now. was going in to get a different Corydoras when I started finding all the new arrivals... Added 4 black venezuelans to my 55 community that already has 6 Corydoras in it.. 1 emerald...
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  10. CaT209

    Angel fish eggs... ???

    This is the second time for spawning, they made it to the wigglers stage with no intervention. Even did a water change above them before realizing they were there... also noticed they are moving the wigglers from where the eggs are at to this location next to it which makes them more exposed to...
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  13. CaT209

    Swordtail fry

    I have 6 different Corydoras types in one tank in small groups of 4. Had a few losses but they are doing well and a few started spawning this evening. I eventually want to get all the swordtails out and get a badis or another Scarlett badis.. I already have one scarlet badis in the tank named...
  14. CaT209

    Swordtail fry

    They did turn out nice, plus I feed varieties of food to try and get more color out of them, finally got my pineapple swordtail though. Along with some 50/50 orange and black ones that still need to grow some. But they look like mini gold fish. And we're fun for a little bit
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  16. CaT209

    Swordtail fry

    Update: Was getting crowded in my tank, luckily I was able to donate a majority of the swordtails to a couple LFS.. 40 to 50 of the one's I could catch. Lol.. Slowly getting it back to what I wanted the tank to be in the first place a Corydoras community tank.. I also moved a opaline gourami...
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  19. CaT209

    Angel fish eggs... ???

    Thanks for the information.. I'm not to focused on having angel fry going right now have too many swordtails to deal with currently. The other fish in the tank will likely get them if the snails don't first.
  20. CaT209

    Angel fish eggs... ???

    They were gone this morning..