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  1. attibones

    Water Change Options For 6/7 Footer - 35 Feet To Downstairs Bathroom

    Byron, my Aqueon water changer only needs water from the tap for about a minute before it creates enough suction to start siphoning off the tank and into the sink. Then I turn it off and we're all good. ;)   OP, I know that if the sink is higher than the tank, you'll be able to fill the tank...
  2. attibones

    Questions About Temporary Tanks For Shrimp And Plants

    I've run into a bit of a pickle.   My very large piece of Malaysian driftwood has plants growing in, on, around it. It's not going to fit in my ten gallon. It definitely won't fit in my 2.5 gallon. I have to go to the store for a new net, so I'll see if there is anything that will work with my...
  3. attibones

    Questions About Temporary Tanks For Shrimp And Plants

    I would like to go get a few extra storage bins, but I don't get paid until Friday and my last pay check all went to rent, so that's not an option right now. It's a very good idea though. I am, however, glad to hear that they should be okay for a night or two without much in the way of...
  4. attibones

    Questions About Temporary Tanks For Shrimp And Plants

    Hey everyone! I haven't been here in a long time. I've not been as active in the hobby for a while. Currently I don't have the funds for the fish I'd like to have. :) I do have my 35~ gallon and my 20 gallon long still up and running. They both are planted and have snails, but no fish. The 20...
  5. attibones

    Can't Find Bamboo Shrimps

    I have occasionally seen them at Petco, but buying from them is always a risk. Your best bet is to try aquabid. A lot of the sellers on that site have quality critters at pretty good prices. I've never had a fish or invert die during or because of the shipping process either. I don't know if...
  6. attibones

    Over Population Of Ghost Shrimp

    I have never been able to get ghost shrimp to breed, which is unfortunate because I like the little buggers.    Why are you trying to get rid of them? They should do a pretty good job of helping the tank. I don't think they eat algae like some shrimp species do, but they do graze on live plants...
  7. attibones


    How many do you have left of each species? Tiger barbs can be pretty mean to other species, particularly when they are in a smaller tank, although larger numbers are supposed to even out some of the aggression. 
  8. attibones

    Eggs Found In My Tank. Which Of My Tank Tenants Do They Belong To?

    Can you post a picture of the eggs?   Snails will lay eggs without a male partner present. Nerite snails lay eggs that look like sesame seeds. Some other snails lay eggs in clusters. I don't know if pond snails reproduce in clusters or loose eggs, as I've only ever seen juvies and adults in my...
  9. attibones

    Need Help Diagnosing Betta Issue

    What are your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels right now?   That spot looks like it could be a scrape or just discoloration. The fake driftwood would be the most likely culprit, unless your betta has a habit of running into the filter.    If you are getting ammonia levels at all, then you...
  10. attibones

    Hello~ Advice?

    Did you cycle the betta's tank before you dropped him in there? Fin rot usually comes from bad water quality.    Nothing bad will happen if you switch to sand. At most, you'll lose some of the bacteria that complete the nitrogen cycle, but in a healthy, mature tank (how long has this tank been...
  11. attibones

    Hello~ Advice?

    Not a good idea to keep a betta with guppies and swordtails, I'm afraid. Even if you haven't noticed anything yet, betta fish are easily stressed by these active livebearers, not to mention a guppy's flashy tail can remind the betta of other betta fish which can lead to aggression. Both of these...
  12. attibones

    White Spot/bump Above Eye

    The spot does look larger. I'm not sure if you need marine or aquarium salt. I don't know if it is a tumor or not. However, if you are experiencing mouth or fin rot, clean water is usually the cure. Maybe you could try a broad-spectrum antibiotic? I don't usually think that's a good idea...
  13. attibones

    16 Gallon Setup For My Betta

    It's looking really lovely. Definitely look into floating plants. Is this light the one you'll use permanently on this tank or are you hoping to upgrade? If it is not temporary, what's the lighting like as far as Kelvin rating and wattage (if you know)? This will determine what plants will do...
  14. attibones

    Disease Following Ick Treatment?

    Okay I checked out the medicine. If you've followed the instructions (dosing on days 1, 2, 3, and 6), you should be clear now to do a water change. This medicine should not work against dropsy. However, a gram negative bacterial medicine should do the trick. If you can, move the fish to a...
  15. attibones

    Disease Following Ick Treatment?

    White stringy poo could be internal parasites. Your second to last post has some pictures where the scales appear to be pineconing. Fin rot can come with lots of problems. You've been fighting ich. Fin rot is a secondary problem. It usually follows other diseases. Increased water changes help...
  16. attibones

    Hi Chaps And Chapets Its Been A Will , Couldnt Seem To Get Logged In S

    Plants help with this as well. They actually prefer ammonia as a food source but less ammonia means less nitrate. That and water changes are the only things you can do.
  17. attibones

    Journal: Starting Small, And Somewhat Clueless

    Glad to see you've started a fishless cycle! Good on you! A five gallon tank will limit your fish options, but we can work with it. When you get the chance, test your tap water ph, and find out what your source water hardness is. You can usually find the gh on your water provider's website...
  18. attibones

    Disease Following Ick Treatment?

    It does look a lot like dropsy, but there doesn't appear to be any pine coning in the scales. You could try a salt bath which sometimes helps for dropsy. Can you define "perfectly fine" water conditions in numbers please? Medicines will sometimes knock out bacteria, meaning mini-cycles...
  19. attibones

    Hi Chaps And Chapets Its Been A Will , Couldnt Seem To Get Logged In S

    Do a 50% water change every seven days. Your nitrate will go down. Test the nitrate from your water source (tap, well, whatever). You should not let your nitrate exceed 40 ppm of your source water nitrate level.
  20. attibones

    Filter Cartridge Switching Question

    I've used the aquaclear before. I liked it. I think my impeller or something broke during a move, but this was a year after I bought the filter. I was a little disappointed that I broke it, but I had planned on getting bigger filters anyway. Otherwise I had very few problems with the filter...