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  1. AquariumCookie

    Is this product safe for scaled and scaleless fish?

    So my fish have been acting strange. My corydoras have been “flashing” on the substrate and my betta (they’re in the same tank) is constantly going for air and is breathing quite fast. I was going to try imagitarium Parasite Remedy, and I wasn’t sure if it is safe for them to use as a just in...
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  3. AquariumCookie

    Just a very unlucky fish lover

    Just a very unlucky fish lover
  4. AquariumCookie

    New Mystery Snail Refusing To Sink

    So I just got a golden mystery snail along with two other black mystery snails one mystery snail in my 10 gallon completely fine my other black mystery snail in with my golden mystery snail in my 20 gallon and the black one is completely fine while my golden mystery snail refuses to sink to the...
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