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  1. backtotropical

    Aqueon Pure Bacteria Supplement

    This one, RDD?
  2. backtotropical

    cloudy tank

    Take a look here
  3. backtotropical

    Hi All - Its been a long time

    I've not logged in to TFF for years so thought I'd stop by and say hello (remembering my password took a while). I don't presently have any tanks running but it's on my mind so watch this space. Good to see everyone. BTT
  4. backtotropical


  5. backtotropical

    It's Been A Long Time....

    Hi All I reckon it's been 4 years since I last logged in! Just thought I'd drop by to see if I recognise any the old faces. Hope you (and your fish) are all well. Regards Andy
  6. backtotropical

    Spam Email

    It could be due to something else, I suppose. This was just the thing which immediately sprung to mind. I used to get no spam email at all, but now i get several per day selling me PPI insurance refunds, injury compensation and everything else you can think of.
  7. backtotropical

    Spam Email

    Since the ads got put on this site, I've been receiving loads of spam email to the email address associated with my account here. Before the ads, I got none. Quite annoying to say the least. Anyone else experiencing the same?
  8. backtotropical


    That's not the case at all, Steve. This is something which has been imposed since the new admins were appointed. Before that, you were able to edit any post you had ever made, regardless of how old. I agree that it is a very restrictive feature and should be removed. Members should be able to...
  9. backtotropical

    Can We Sell Non Fish Related Things In Classifieds?

    Hi Jnoosh, Per the Classified section rules:- If you want to have any special circumstances considered by the mod team, please feel free to PM a mod in this regard, but under normal circumstances, fishkeeping related items only I'm afraid. Cheers BTT
  10. backtotropical

    Welcome Back Backtotropical

    Thanks guys. It's good to be back. :good:
  11. backtotropical

    Lost Patience With This Fish Less Cycle

    These things sometimes happen with fishless cycles. Try doing a 100% water change. That may help. Be careful to match the water temperature so far as is possible though, your filter bacteria don't want a set back at this stage. You could also try testing your pH. If it is low, that can affect...
  12. backtotropical


    I'll refer your request upstairs, Walkers.
  13. backtotropical

    Frequency Of Water Changes

    Changing about 50% of the water once or twice per week would be perfect. You will need to change more than that just now though as it sounds like you're doing a fish-in cycle. You should try to get some mature filter media from somewhere which will help your cycle immensely.
  14. backtotropical

    Fishless Cycling - Cloudy Water?
  15. backtotropical

    Anyone Heard Of Fishbase?

    Yip. Fishbase is excellent. It's been around for years.
  16. backtotropical

    Please Unlock 2 Of My Pinned Topics For Editing

    No need to link. Both topics now unlocked and PM sent to OscarWilde.
  17. backtotropical

    Help With Bacteria Bloom

    It is worth reading this if you haven't already. It'll give you a better understanding of what a bacterial bloom actually is, and therefore how to best deal with it, should it ever happen again.
  18. backtotropical

    Air Pump During Cycling

    Agree with AquaTom. So long as you have some other form of surface agitation, theres no need for an air pump at all. :good:
  19. backtotropical

    Cabbage White Journal

    I had exactly the same little bliters eat my whole cauliflower crop this year. There was hundreds of them. Good luck in catching them turning into flutterbies.