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  1. Mammabe

    Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi "extending eyes"

    Sounds like it could be pop-eye. If that is the case, it is easily treatable. I will wait to see a pic first...
  2. Mammabe

    Blood Parrot Problems

    If necessary, you can always isolate the sick fish in a smaller aquarium, a hospital aquarium for treatment so that the entire tank is not treated, but just the fish... just a suggestion if you need to give treatment. This parrot fish is not in a salt water set up is it? like your profile...
  3. Mammabe

    Please Help Me Diagnose

    When doing a water change, I would add some aquarium salt, but first make sure it is dissolved, then add to the tank when the fish is out while doing the water change.
  4. Mammabe

    Cycling A Betta Tank?

     I couldn't of said it better myself - I agree 100%, this has been my experience also. 
  5. Mammabe

    Trimming Betta's Tail.

    Wow! This thread is very interesting indeed - as you can see from my pic, my betta's fins are extremely long and he does struggle to swim, it seems like a lot of effort for sure.   I never thought of this before but now I am thinking of it as this would benefit my guy.   He is 2 yrs old and has...
  6. Mammabe

    Betta Emergency

      Hey Wildbetta, I agree, I wouldn't use it regularly but it does work as a treatment.     Glad he is going better!  that's awesome.
  7. Mammabe

    Out Of Ideas...please Help!

    Hi There,   Does anyone know what it means if there is a cloudy film on the bottom of the bowl and on the ornaments?  it looks like my betta is shedding - his scales are coming off or are red, he looks like he has been stripped of his scales almost and his skin is raw.  He first started...
  8. Mammabe

    Betta Emergency

    Hi There,   Also, just wanted to add that you can add some aquarium salt as well and that will help with the healing of his fins and keep him healthy.  1.5 tsp for a 3 gallon.   If you add that, just be sure to disolve the salt first before you add it to the aquarium.   Good Luck!   B
  9. Mammabe

    Beta Splenden Mystery (Fin Rot Or ?)

    I would try moving her to the 5 gallon tank with all the same set up so it is familiar plus a few new things to explore and just a heater no filter to create current...and no tank mates - just her and see how she does... you can always add the rec. does of aquarium salt - already dissolved -...
  10. Mammabe

    Bloated Betta

    Hello,   I have a betta emergency and need help.    I have a blue betta, I will try to include a picture.  Over the last week, I noticed him laying on the bottom alot... when I would go over to see him, he would swim up to greet me as always and swm around and eat but would soon after allow...
  11. Mammabe

    What's A Good Setup?

    Hi, Do you have anything else in that tank with your dwarf frogs? how big is that tank? I would add a betta to your existing tank instead of setting up a new one. I have a betta and a frog in mine and they are happy tank mates :good: B
  12. Mammabe

    New Tank Mates!

    That is what my gut is telling me... unfortunately.... :byebye: Thanks for your input. B
  13. Mammabe

    New Tank Mates!

    Hi All, My Betta is king of his 75 gallon kingdom with only a few mollies, a dwarf frog and several loaches of various kinds, 3 cories and then I added 5 red tail minors (tetras) to the mix. Everyone seemed fine at first, then I noticed the next day, they sometimes would chase the betta and he...
  14. Mammabe

    Cloudy Water After A Water Change

    I don't think I've ever been called Mate before. :lol: Thanks for the re-assurance, I appreciate it. Yes, the water was unsettled because of the syphoning but it settled nicely that night but it was the next day that it was very cloudy. Ok, I will try that. Thanks for taking a minute to...
  15. Mammabe

    Wow Moment

    Tom, Tom, Tom..... :lol: You are NOT the only one! I go to feed the fish and 30 minutes later I come up (from downstairs) and my hubby will be like, "what were you doing all this time?" I'd be like, "feeding the fish" He'd say, "for 30 mins?" :lol: YUP! I can't look at my tank for...
  16. Mammabe

    Snail Species

    Ok, so I have a snail infestation! Will they effect the water parameters in any way? I mean, other than the fact that it just doesn't look good when there are so many freakin' snails? I have been taking some out and putting them into a 5 gallon tank I have and will try to give some away but...
  17. Mammabe

    Hi Newbie Here :)

    Hey Wes, Probably not the kind of greeting your were expecting?! :look: I joined this site, like you, AFTER I set up my tank and added a few fish to it... and my tank was not cycled like everyone recommends. Personally, I must have lived in a cave because I have kept fish all my life but...
  18. Mammabe

    Hey, Newbie Here!

    Hey everyone! I'm Eleanor,17 and new to the forum :drool: I started fish keeping about 18 months ago and I've got a 90 litre Fluval Tank with 5 male Guppies (lost one on Friday :sad: ), 2 Harlequin Rasboras and 1 Neon Tetra, i sadly lost 5 Tetras to Neon Tetra Disease over the last month or...
  19. Mammabe

    Cloudy Water After A Water Change

    Hello, I have a 75 gallon tank and I did a 25% water change last night and this morning, it looks very cloudy! :crazy: How do you know what is causing it? I read so far on here from others' posts that it could be either a bacteria bloom or Amonia spike. I tested the water and the...
  20. Mammabe

    New To The Betta Life

    I know there is a fish in cycle you can do too to make sure they do not get high spikes in the amonia.... Personally, I have not cycled my tank when I started - like you, I was so anxious to get started, once my 75 gallon was up and running, I started it with 5 mollies and just went from...