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    Diagnose My Betta?

    Increase the temperature sudden changes of temperature kills fungal and bacterial infections.
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    What Reptiles Do You Have

    Hey guys wondering what reptiles you have I have a male barking gecko/thick tailed gecko/nerpus milli/undiwoodosaurs milli
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    Can I Keep Red Cherry Shrimp With...

    Thanks for all the answears by the way what do you mean by hard or soft I can post the tank size this afternoon
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    Ideas For Divided 10 Gallon With Bettas?

    Duck weed floats on the top and grows really fast and the bettas will eat the duckweed
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    Nano Tank Set Up Help: Plant + Fish

    Alex fish food is cheaper than female bettas
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    New Tank

    Sharks man shark
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    New Fish Keep Dying

    Too many at once 2 fish is about maximum imange if several people turned up to your house in the same day plus don't put tetras in with barbs (you don't want to learn that the hard way)
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    45 Gallon Stocking Help

    Rainbow sharks are awesome I have one buy them small so you can watch them grow i wouldn't keep 2 different species I had a coal blue and a dwarf together and they had a fight the coral blue died in the fight (I was on holidays) and the dwarf Reid of an infected wound it was to late to treat it...
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    Can I Keep Red Cherry Shrimp With...

    So no to the shrimp thing what about crayfish flutter moth I only have 5 hiding spots one is taken up by my shark and the Cory the other to the bristlenose and my mum won't let me
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    Can I Keep Red Cherry Shrimp With...

    I have kept the bristlenose for four years without any probs shark quite a recent addition the tank size is fine is just I can't keep 7 catfish in one tank
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    Turtle Food

    feed him/her duckweed worms dried shrimp frozen blood worms and frozen brine shrimp
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    125 Litre Tank Fish Stock Help

    If you put tetras in there you won't have to feed the chiclids and barbs
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    Can I Keep Red Cherry Shrimp With...

    Tanks to small for six will two do? My shark Is very small
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    Can I Keep Red Cherry Shrimp With...

    Hey guys can I keep red cherry shrimp with an albino corydora a rainbow shark a bristle nose and a balloon moly with java moss
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    Thinking Of Keeping Turtles. Need Some Useful Advise.

    Snake necked turtles are awesome put large catfish,chiclids and oscars will do.(large ones not babys)
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    Got A New Tank What To Do With It?

    Depends you decide you could make a shrimp tank crayfish tank reef tank tropical community tank or maybe chiclids oscars large catfish and shark eels you pick
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    New To Treating Tap Water. Please Help!

    If you live in America zoo mess reptisafe will do the trick if your in Austrailla get vita pet water agent all of which have insructions on the back(sorry if you don't live in those countries)
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    They would most Likely squabble over food and territory no idea with the snail yhing
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    Upside Down Bristlenose Plec.

    My female is upside done on the bottom every now and then and when I walk up to her she shoots away into her corner an I have had her for four years no problems