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  1. fluttermoth

    Did the moderators go on holiday?

    There have been some issues with getting moderators online recently, we're all really sorry, and working on a way to improve things.
  2. fluttermoth

    Dealing with Putting Down Pets

    Aww, what a sweet dog she was, I'm so sorry for your loss. I won't lie to you, it is going to painful. You're right that you need to keep busy, but you must give yourself time to grieve as well; it's okay to cry, even after a few weeks. Remember that other pet owners will understand, so it's...
  3. fluttermoth

    Water changes - what is "normal"?

    Welcome to the forum, James :) High nitrate is a symptom of overstocking and/or inadequate water changes. You will need to reduce it gradually, or your fish might get shocked, as they will be used the the higher levels now, even though it's not good for their long term health. If you give us...
  4. fluttermoth

    Old fishlore members!

    Thread locked. Please don't discuss other forums, or their moderating, over here. We've welcomed you all, but don't forget we also have rules, and expect our members to behave well and politely. TFF Mod Team
  5. fluttermoth

    How to anchor plants in sand

    Best, probably easiest, method is just to put a few pebbles or small stones around the base until they've rooted.
  6. fluttermoth

    New tanks gone cloudy

    Welcome to the forum :) The cloudiness is caused by bacteria taking advantage of the new environment. It will disappear on its own eventually, but you can try doing water changes to reduce it if you want. We recommend doing a fishless cycle before adding fish. This means adding an artificial...
  7. fluttermoth

    Possible Cross Breeding?

    It's extremely unlikely that these are common plecs. Common plecs wouldn't breed at such a small size and, in fact, breeding is virtually unknown in captivity. They're almost certainly a bristlenose species, but we'd need to see some close up pictures, especially of the belly and dorsal fin...
  8. fluttermoth

    Possible Cross Breeding?

    From reading your posts, I suspect your original 'pleco' is still in the tank; the fry are definitely not corydoras or minnows, plus all those fish species need two parents present in the tank (unlike some livebearers, whose females can store sperm), and none of them will hybridise, they're not...
  9. fluttermoth

    Old fishlore members!

    I'd like to welcome all the fishlore exiles; I don't know why you've had to leave, but I hope you find a new home here x
  10. fluttermoth

    Does my pleco have ick?

    Well spotted! I think it might be a gibbiceps, rather than a common, but you are 100% right that this is a potentially two foot long fish, and will need a tank that's a minimum of 5'x2'x2'. You can keep other fish with them; just not other plecs, as they do get territorial as they mature :)
  11. fluttermoth

    I want to keep a couple neon tetras in a jar will the survive or not

    Pretty much every fish will eat anything that will fit in its mouth. I don't want to sound harsh but, despite what some people think, fish (and invertebrates like shrimps) can feel pain, and can suffer. If you want to keep fish, or do a presentation for school, give us some idea of what it is...
  12. fluttermoth

    How Long Should My Fish be in Total Darkness?

    Do you have a light on the tank, or is just getting sunlight? Do you have live plants?
  13. fluttermoth

    Shrimp generation

    It would be a good idea to get your water tested. If you don't have test kits of your own (which you really should have), most shops will test your water for you, but do make sure you write down the actual numbers. Shrimps tend to be more sensitive than fish, so if they're dying, you could have...
  14. fluttermoth

    Fish eggs?

    They do like like fish eggs, rather than eggs from snails or something else. What sort of fish do you have?
  15. fluttermoth

    I want to keep a couple neon tetras in a jar will the survive or not

    No, it's far too small; there wouldn't be enough water, there's not enough room for the fish to swim properly, and neon tetras need to be kept in groups. There are no fish that can be kept in jars. Some shops keep fish like bettas (Siamese fighting fish) in small jars, but they have proper...
  16. fluttermoth

    Torn fins ( male and female).

    I'm afraid bettas are territorial and once they decide they're not going to get along, your only option is to separate them.
  17. fluttermoth

    New here

    Hi there, welcome to the forum :) Bettas are a tropical fish. Not all tropical fish need large tanks; it depends on the species, but no fish should live in a bowl, you're right there :) Which you decide on is really up to you; a single betta might be slightly easier to look after, but there's...
  18. fluttermoth

    Just started the hobby

    Welcome to the forum :) Your tanks look lovely, especially for a newbie, very well done!
  19. fluttermoth

    New to Fish Cycling- Please Help

    You don't need to remove the fish from the tank when you do water changes; it's more stressful for them to be caught and moved than it is for them to stay in the tank. The best way to do a water change is to use a gravel cleaner with a siphon tube attached. Switch off all the electrics, then...
  20. fluttermoth

    Water change

    The cichlid salt should raise the pH enough. As we've said in the past, hardness is more important than pH, so as long as the hardness is right, you can leave the pH alone.