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  1. k.o.d

    Advice Needed On Fire Eels.

    We had arowana and stingray too, so we bought 1kg tubs of dendrobaena to keep the fish fed, but you can dig them up from the garden and clean them. If fish are imprinted on one type of food, you have to let them get hungry before you try something else, they associate bloodworm with food but may...
  2. k.o.d

    Advice Needed On Fire Eels.

    We had a couple of fire eels that were approx 28" long, lovely creatures, used to eat chopped up prawn and chopped earthworm, bloodworm is good for getting them feeding but they need a bit more protein to grow, so I would try them with prawn/earthworm/cockles.
  3. k.o.d

    Arowana Fish Straight From Malaysia

    That pond with the Asians in is stunning, having been lucky enough to have had four of these beautiful fish I think you have a great job :) There are already plenty of reputable importers ( I take it you will supply them with CITES certs and chips?) but a bit of healthy competition never harmed...
  4. k.o.d

    Can A Tank Affect Ph?

    The buffering capability of 260 litres of water compared with 30 litres in the biorb will mean that the natural drop in pH due to excretion/respiration will be less noticeable due to the comparatively huge amount of water in the Juwel.
  5. k.o.d

    Power Filters

    Prime 10 filters are pretty robust and a fairly good filter, and in our stingray tanks the filters went months without a clean out, so I think there is either something fundamentally wrong with the way you have set it up or you have some water parameter problem that is promoting the slime. There...
  6. k.o.d

    Ball Python Help

    It probably is mites, how long have you had the Royal? Was it CB or wild caught? There are lots of treatments available but you will have to treat the lot, and the mites may not just be located in the viv.
  7. k.o.d

    Goldfish Has A Tiny Bit Of Black On Its Tail!

    Nitrate isn't the killer, nitrite is, nitrogen cycle is ammonia to nitrite to nitrate, if the filter is overloaded and you are relying on the bigger but new filter there may be a nitrite problem, something you need to check.
  8. k.o.d

    Goldfish Has A Tiny Bit Of Black On Its Tail!

    Quite possibly, yes, remember that goldfish are messy creatures and will need decent filtration, what are your tank parameters?
  9. k.o.d


    Depends on your fish really, ideally for optimum reoxygenation then the stream should 'ripple' the surface to maximise the redissolved oxygen ( a good mature filter will deplete the discharge water of O2) I run my filter outlets just above the water level so there is a waterfall effect, but when...
  10. k.o.d

    Why Are My Neon Tetra Dying?

    Agree with the above, higher temps mean that the O2 content is lower, easily remedied by increased agitation of the surface. Neons used to be prone to the aptly named 'neon tetra' disease that caused similar symptoms, but not having kept neons for many years unsure if that is still prevalent. 10...
  11. k.o.d

    What Is The Deal With Aquatic Salt?

    The addition of aquarium salt was used as a 'tonic' as it altered the osmotic balance of the fish in the water and thus made respiration easier. If you have true freshwater fish (not brackish) and they are not unwell, the addition of 'tonic' salt in an unneccessary expense.
  12. k.o.d

    Swap Seio Powerhead For T5 Light Unit

    I have a Seio 4200 in used but full working order, would like to swap for T5 lighting controller suitable for a 3' tank. Am located near Lincoln but will post. Cheers Steve
  13. k.o.d

    Dosing With Vodka?

    There are lots of threads on Marine keeping forums regarding adding complex carbohydrates to the tank to feed the beneficial bacteria in the living rock. Vodka is used for this method, a strong sugar solution has also been talked about Several people claim that this method boosts the filtration...
  14. k.o.d

    Half My Tank Has Been Wiped Out

    Fair enough, It was not meant as an attack but RO cannot sustain life, and I do agree that a stable pH is more important than people give credit for. Reverse Osmosis water must be cut with, in the case of freshwater, either a buffering agent such as Kent RO rite or with a percentage of treated...
  15. k.o.d

    Half My Tank Has Been Wiped Out

    This is not good advice. Reverse osmosis water is as close to pure water as it can get, which in theory should be good but in practice, unless you are careful, can be bad news. Pure water is great in theory but has no buffering capacity whatsoever, this means whatever nitrogenous waste is...
  16. k.o.d

    What Dechlorinators Do You Use?

    Have not used any for ages, I do a 40% water change every 5 days and the tank holds Red Tailed Golden arowana and Leopoldi stingray It has been proven that a mature tank will metabolise relatively low levels of chlorine, if your water is treated with chloramine it may be different. I use RO...
  17. k.o.d

    Tire Track Eel Problem

    Did I read it right that you have 2 10" tyre track eels in a 5 gallon tank? The bioload is too much, tyre tracks need space and they eat a lot! I have 2 20" trye tracks in a 1200 litre aquarium. I know impulse buying is easy to do ( I have done it myself so many times ) but the eels will not...
  18. k.o.d

    Newbie With Question!

    Hi there, sorry to hear about your losses, can I ask a couple of questions, please dont take them the wrong way 1. Did you cycle the tank? Do you know what the cycling of a tank is 2. Did you check ammonia and nitrite readings before adding fish 3. What is the pH of the tank It sounds more...
  19. k.o.d

    How Long To Treat For Ich?

    Ich follows a cycle, you get the white spots that are cysts for the organisms ( flagellates ) that bury into the skin and then burst out when mature enough, so when the white spots go, the cycle is half way, as the flagellates then swim off to infest other fish ( as they are parasites ), the...