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  1. Gravydavy727

    Ellioti pair. Changed?

    I will just let nature take its course then. Thank you
  2. Gravydavy727

    Ellioti pair. Changed?

    Is it usual.for a male ellioti to change its breeding partner? Just over a week ago I had a decent amount of ellioti fry, unfortunately I had to.go.away on holiday and couldn't keep a close eye on things, when I returned from my holiday on friday all the fry had gone and there was a new batch...
  3. Gravydavy727

    Ellioti eggs.

  4. 20220714_165412.jpg


  5. 20220714_165413.jpg


  6. Gravydavy727

    Ellioti eggs.

    We have swimmers ☺️ so excited!
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  8. Gravydavy727

    Ellioti eggs.

  9. 20220708_134055.jpg


  10. Gravydavy727

    Ellioti eggs.

    So my elliotis laid eggs a week or.2 ago which wasn't successful I'm not sure it I even had a male at that time, they all looked female to me. Anyway I went and bought myself a lovely looking male and after 3 to.4 days we have eggs. 😁 caught them right at the beginning.of spawning shade a quick...
  11. Gravydavy727

    Ellioti eggs.

    I went and purchased a male
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  15. Gravydavy727

    Ellioti eggs.

    They all seem to have a dark blotch on the dorsal fin. They seemed to be protecting the eggs really well till the light went off then I noticed a bit of straying away then come home from work my partner said she thought the eggs turned white then all were gone by the time I got home from work
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  18. Gravydavy727

    Ellioti eggs.

    My ellioti laid eggs about a week ago, I discovered them after a water change. But the next day they were all gone. I'm not sure which of my 3 elliotis are male or female. They all look to be females from what I have read they are all similar size and colour one seems to be slightly more...
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  20. 20220626_202205.jpg