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    I left my fish for five weeks!

    Over the years there have been many times when I have stripped a tank down or maybe just decided on a rescape and mega clean. On those occasions I have performed much larger one-off water changes and there have been no issues (apart from the nitrate spike and minor things such as algae blooms...
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    I left my fish for five weeks!

    I have many times left my fish for up to two weeks whilst away on holiday. I usually use an Eheim automatic feeder, give the tank a good clean before I go and everything usually runs smoothly. Recently I was faced with a bigger problem as I went away for a mega 5 week holiday and I thought it...
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    Losing my nitrate battle

    I use JBL Bionitratex in my filter. The theory is that it creates conditions for the anaerobic bacteria that break down the nitrate. It lasts 6 months so it's cost effective. I too have 30+ ppm in my tap water but my tank is usually around 5ppm. I used to assume that my plants used up the...
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    Possible Conditions Favoring Cyanobacteria Growth

    My cyanobacteria problem is modest yet persistent. My nitrates are low at 5ppm but my tap water averages about 30ppm so the level rises temporarily after a water change - the CB gets a little worse until levels fall again. It's almost like it is the fluctuation that causes the issue rather than...
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    Nitrate levels...

    Hold the tube over the test card so that you see it against a white background, in good daylight. Allow the colour strips to overlap the water in the tube, that way you can more easily see which one matches up. I believe that what happens to reagent 2 is that it precipitates out, which is why...
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    Bristlenose Babies

    Mine used to breed like crazy. A couple of times a year I would catch as many as I could, up to 20 or so at a time of mixed ages and sizes, and take them to my LFS. I guess on one occasion I took too many and didn't leave a breeding pair as breeding suddenly stopped and I saw no more babies...
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    What was the last thing you ate?

    A Fry's Turkish Delight bar. Can still taste it mmm.....
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    Plants and water changes.

    As I've commented before, water comes out if my tap with 30+ ppm nitrate but my tank is close to zero, so something in the tank is using it. Whether it's bacteria in the filter media or the plants I don't know, possibly a bit of both, but I do know that if I change more than 15% per week nitrate...
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    Starting to get VERY irritated at this site now...

    I use Chrome on my mobile and have never seen a single ad on this site so was very surprised to read this thread. I don't recall ever installing an ad blocker and I do see ads on other sites to varying degrees so I'm pretty sure I haven't. Literally zero ads here though, either video or...
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    Fish Food

    I used to give a variety of flake foods but when I started including Tetra Pro it was soon clear that this was the one they preferred. My fish are mainly large tetras and barbs 4-6 inches long and they go for Tetra Pro so enthusiastically that I always get wet at feeding time. I've even had them...
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    Plant ID required please

    I remember a time when these were the archetypical difficult plants to grow, so don't beat yourself up if yours fail! Never risked trying them myself.
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    Tell me something funny

    Last week I was in a bar and the bartender was making a cocktail. He was putting on quite a display in mixing it, but it ended in disaster when the top came off the shaker and he threw the contents right in the face the girl that he was making it for! Luckily it narrowly missed me!
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    Filter not running, how long, how big a problem

    Put the media in a shallow bowl of aquarium water and it should be fine for a couple of hours. If you can, periodically swill the water around. The key is to get fresh, oxygenated water into the media. Just as fish can survive a few hours in a plastic bag, so bacteria will be OK for a shortish...
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    Monty Python's Flying Circus !

    Went to a Fawlty Towers dining experience a few weeks ago. Best evening out ever! 🤣🤣
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    Tank temperature increases and how to handle them

    Yeah, even my cooler water fish such as denisoni barbs seem to do fine for short periods of heat in the summer. Last week their tank was 31.5C and they were acting completely normal. I wedge the covers open slightly to allow heat to escape but I don't turn the lights off. Surely that would stop...
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    Is the python actually worth it?

    Unless I'm mistaken, I think I would have a problem with the Python and this is what had put me off getting one. Refilling is the toughest part for me and I believe that there is a threaded device that screws onto your tap? Clearly there will be a big temperature difference if just using the...
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    Word Association Game

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    Big aquarium goes days without the filter...and I BARELY NOTICED.

    In theory if you have a very large cycled tank, lightly stocked and well planted, you could manage without a filter - think of a garden pond - most aren't filtered. However, the last thing you want to do is switch off an established filter and kill the bacteria within it. Also, you need some...