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  2. BigChungusSnakehead

    Channa Micropeltes (Giant Snakehead) unexpected death

    Yeh I have 4 plecos which are my cleanup crew. And what do you feed them on now and they were fresh tuna steaks from the fish factory my friend works at. unfortunately this is when the biggest juvenile died a few hours after the other one did
  3. BigChungusSnakehead

    Channa Micropeltes (Giant Snakehead) unexpected death

    I recently acquired around 1.5-2 months ago 2 Giant Snakeheads and a friend of mine did at the same time. Both couples snakeheads in each tanks unexpectedly died and we are trying to find the cause. Ive done a water test but also to note we was both feeding them on chunks of tuna steak in an...
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