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  1. Far2lively

    Co2 Injection

    The tank currently houses 1 single Channa pulchra, I have just upgraded his tank from a fluval Roma 125 to the 200, of the c02 injection isn’t necessary then I’ll leave it, the only reason I was looking into it was looking at setups on YouTube and the plants look very vibrant etc, I have picked...
  2. Far2lively

    Dwarf snakehead compatibility

    The rainbow snakehead or Channa Bleheri also needs a winter cooling to around 17-19 degrees, these fish do not require heat in the tank. As for tank mates these will only stress the fish out or result in loss of fish. Hope this helps!!
  3. Far2lively

    Co2 Injection

    Can anyone recommend a setup for my planted Fluval Roma 200 I have been told c02 fire extinguishers can be used, what exactly do I need to get started?? Thanks in advance!
  4. Far2lively


    Is there tapatalk for this forum?? If so what should I search?? Cheers guys
  5. Far2lively

    50 Liter Ideas?

    Purple, unsure on the waters hardness the ph is around 8 though and the dimensions of the tank are 20 x 12 x 12 thanks
  6. Far2lively

    50 Liter Ideas?

    Just bought the girlfriend a 50 litre tropical setup, any ideas on what to put in it?? Cheers
  7. Far2lively

    Chaunna Bleheri

    Wildwoods in Enfield have about 20species of snakeheads from big ones to smaller species but there extremely expensive ranging from £30 - £150 if you looking for a smaller snakehead to keep i know someone that will send you them by post and he often does them incredibly cheap i bought 4 channa...
  8. Far2lively

    Common Pleco Temp

    I have bought my son a common pleco for his tank but is outgrowing it can they be put in ponds??
  9. Far2lively

    4Ft Tank And Accessories For Sale

    more info on aquarist classified
  10. Far2lively

    Channa Gachua 7Inch

    Livestock/Equipment make-model-size/Wanted/Exchange/Plants: Livestock Age and condition: 2years Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Not compatible with the other fish in my tank Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: £20 or reasonable offer Postage & Packaging: Collection only please...
  11. Far2lively


    Are Bubbles Good Or Bad??? Do They Help An Aquarium In Anyway??
  12. Far2lively

    Worst Filter You Ever Used...

    the interpet pf2 i got free with a tank once and the marina slimline filters are soo noisy and rubbish in general :) im currently using a JBL cristalprofi 1500
  13. Far2lively

    Changing Rock Gravel To Sand.

    I was thinkin of doin this aswell but im am unsure of how to clean the sand, as im using a gravel cleaner at the moment wouldnt this just suck the sand up?? or can u just pick the fish poop up with a net?? all my fish are pretty large so its not like the poo is tiny
  14. Far2lively

    20Ish Gallon Predators?

    I have kept and keep snakeheads at the moment you will be fine with a Channa Bleheri In that tank or any other snakhead of a similar size, I recently bought a Channa Aurantimaculata such a nice fish,
  15. Far2lively

    Need Info Please

    Wouldn't have a clue mate I just know it has spines and only grows to around 20cm
  16. Far2lively

    Need Info Please

    Just Bought A 5inch Spotted Synodontis Catfish it was only £5 I know the basic info on them but would like more!! Anyone ever kept them or are keeping them now?? Thanks Spence
  17. Far2lively

    Is A 48 Inch Tank Too Ambitious

    Go for it mate!! I went from a 64litre tank straight up to my 180 and if amything its easier and I could finally stock the fish I wanted :) need to learn things with the older tank first though
  18. Far2lively

    My First Fish Tank

    180litre Planted setup 1 firemouth cichlid, Channa Aurantimaculata, Channa Gachua, 2bristlenose Plecs :)
  19. Far2lively

    Golden Cobra Snakehead

    If they cross breed they will look amazing! And ill probably only sell a few of them, I don't think they will though, are you sure you can cross breed snakeheads?? Cheers for the info
  20. Far2lively

    Golden Cobra Snakehead

    Any explainations to my question above