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  1. Bettapuppy

    New Luna photos

    She’s adorable! Does she have husky in her?
  2. Bettapuppy

    Dog question 9with a sad start)

    Poodles are great dogs. I fell in love with them as a groomer. They are very smart, come in a verity of sizes, and have versatile coats. Poodles are not prone to things like shave shock, so you can keep their coats short or long. They can be wary of strangers, and very loving towards friends and...
  3. Bettapuppy

    Restocking after ich

    I have a 10 gallon tank that currently has one female betta, 3 neon tetra, 3 amano shrimp, and one zebra nerite snail. I had an outbreak of ich and fin rot in my tank last week shortly after I introduced 8 neon tetra and new plant. I treated my tank with RidIch Plus, water changes with a good...
  4. Bettapuppy

    10 gallon stocking questions

    Hi all, it's been a while since I've been active on here. I have a few stocking questions. I have a 6.7 gallon aquarium and I'm upgrading to a 10 gallon. That tank currently houses one mellow half moon betta, one horned nerite snail, and three amano shrimp. I'm contemplating adding a few more...
  5. Bettapuppy

    Shrimp with male betta in 5g/20l: bad idea?

    I have a 6.5 gallon tank with a betta and three amano shrimp and they seem to get along well. I’ve had the shrimp since March. My LFS advised against getting any neocaridina because of their small size and bright colors. I tried ghost shrimp and they all died within a few weeks. I don’t think...
  6. Bettapuppy

    Sad day

    I’m sorry to hear about your shrimp. May she swim in peace. I just posted photos from my iPhone and it worked. There’s an option to change the file size after you’ve selected the photos to post. I set it to medium and it appears to have worked fine.
  7. Bettapuppy

    Introducing Frida!

    I got myself a new betta today! I got a little tiny, halfmoon, female. She’s a bit dull now, but I can see traces of blue and red on her. I chose to name her Frida after the famous artist Frida Khalo. This is my first time owning a female. Are there any differences I should know about?
  8. 2697EE42-6059-429D-A1B0-09AD1797A1CE.jpeg


  9. C7659F30-8AFF-4BEB-AF7D-8AA9738C8DE1.jpeg


  10. Bettapuppy

    Bloated Betta

    Thank you both for your advice. He seems worse today so I think euthanasia will be best. I’m headed to the store today so I’ll pick up some clove oil. I know this might sound like an odd question, but I would prefer to keep my tank running if I can. I have a few live plants and a snail in it...
  11. Bettapuppy

    Bloated Betta

    My boy has not been himself now for about a week. He lost interest in his food so I'd let him fast for about a day. I would try feeding him again and he'd only eat one or two pellets, then I would fast him again. I noticed he was looking really bloated Saturday night so I did a 75% water change...
  12. bloated fish.jpg

    bloated fish.jpg

  13. Bettapuppy

    Ammonia not dropping and still no nitrites

    Quick start actually can help. I used it after doing several rounds of medicine in my tank and it worked. If it’s stored improperly though the bacteria can die. That can happen during shipping.
  14. Bettapuppy

    What’s On The Menu Tonight?

    My betta is only getting his pellets. I, however, had a turkey sandwich with fresh cantaloupe from my garden.
  15. Bettapuppy

    Odd question

    I have a rather odd question. What does an over fed fish look like? Do fish collect fat like mammals do? I know feeding too much causes water quality issues as pieces of uneaten food can rot. I have heard that betta’s stomachs are only the size of their eyes so I only feed mine two pellets once...
  16. Bettapuppy

    Light timer recommendations

    I’m looking into a light timer for my tank and I was wondering if you all had any brands you recommend. I don’t need anything fancy, I just want my light to get turned on and off at the right times while I’m out of town. I’d rather the pet sitter not have to worry about that.
  17. Bettapuppy

    My tank has live plants in it now!

    I tried replacing the plastic plant with a silk one. It looked good for a few weeks and then algae started growing on it and I couldn’t wash it off. It looked so gross. I think the real ones will look nice for longer.
  18. Bettapuppy

    My tank has live plants in it now!

    Thanks for the awesome advice guys! I’m off to grab some thread. I’ll post a new picture of my tank when I have my plants re-done.
  19. Bettapuppy

    My favourite derpy snail •——•

    Whatever he is he looks cool.