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  1. bigroof

    Using Leaves in your Aquariums

    I agree with leaves being a benefit. When i use to keep betta fish, some body advised me to use a cattapa leaf in it. Luckily my LFS had some. Since then I use them in my tanks and you can just see the fish love it. I only use it in my shrimp and the community tank at the moment. I also like the...
  2. bigroof

    Fish Food

    Thats another very informative article. Thanks for sharing. Hikari food is easily accessible. Majority of fish stores seem to have stock it. When i started fish keeping thats what the store employee recommended. Since i haven't had no issues with my fish with me feeding hikari, i just stuck to...
  3. bigroof

    Fish Food

    Some good stuff here. Nice article. I know a lot has being said about hikari food but my fish seem to love them. I use a some sort of a hikari brand food on all my fish. My community tanks i feed: Tetra min flakes Hikari micro pallets Bloodworms once a week My Mbuna tank: Hikari cichlid excel...
  4. bigroof

    Convict and salvini breeding

    Looks like im just going to have to deal with it i guess. I wonder what i will call them, maybe salcons 😂
  5. bigroof

    Convict and salvini breeding

    So i have this central american tank that has being running for like 3 years or so. I currently have a salvini, convict, blue or black acara (not electric the original), blood parrot and 3 rainbow cichlids. The tank is running well. No serious trouble in there. Everybody knows the pecking order...
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  10. bigroof

    African Cichlid beginner…

    The beat bet for a 55 gallon is mbunas. Just make sure you have enough crooks and crannies in there so they all have enough territories to claim. I have had a mbuna tank with syno catfish for about 3 years or so now. You just cant beat the colour and how active the tank. Just know no matter what...
  11. bigroof

    Fishkeeping superstitions

    You are right about naming them. Before i was in to cichlids i used to keep bettas. Everytime i name them they pass away. Since then i never have. You just dont want to jinx it you know.
  12. bigroof

    Who keeps barbs?

    Very nice, what is the tank size and how many do you have in there?
  13. bigroof

    Who keeps barbs?

    Sounds good. What are the tank sizes? And how many are in the tank if you dont mind of each species.
  14. bigroof

    Who keeps barbs?

    Wow such a cool setup. 200 gallons is plenty of swimming space for them. All the plants and the different colour morphs of the tiger barbs looks fantastic.
  15. bigroof

    Who keeps barbs?

    Well it all depends. I haven't come to any thing concrete yet on what i like. I seem to love all the barb species. From tigers to cherrys. I just wanted to know other peoples set ups are like and how they finding it before finalising any thing.
  16. bigroof

    Who keeps barbs?

    Do any of you guys/girls keep barbs currently? What is the set up like? The tank size and what type of barbs you keep and the other fish you keep with them. I wanted to make a barb tank before but never really did. I want to start one now, hopefully. Was curious what others have got and their...
  17. bigroof

    Can Anyone ID him/her?

    Like Colin said its hard to identify when they are that young. My best bet seems to be Pseudotropheus johannii. I have a couple in my tank. This is not 100% though.
  18. bigroof

    For you, which are the easiest to breed in captivity aquarium fish species (freshwater & brackish)?

    Yes i understand his pain. They were is my central American cichlid tank. They take over one side of the tank and defend it so fiercely. Even against much bigger fish. Best parents. I had to end up separating the male and the female at the end.
  19. bigroof

    For you, which are the easiest to breed in captivity aquarium fish species (freshwater & brackish)?

    For me it has to be convict cichlids. When they say you could leave a pair in the toilet and they will breed, they are not lying.
  20. bigroof

    Back to Africans, again.

    I have 240 litre tank and when i started i had 25 mbuna juvaniles with 2 synodantis catfish. The problem is with other aggressive fish is that once they fight and sort out the pecking order they tend to get along most of the time. With mbunas its always a battle. They are so hardy and fierce...