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  1. mike455555

    Plants in a Tank

    it depends on your lights ect, good starting plants are anubias, java fern, java moss,crypts,water fern, possibly amazon swords
  2. mike455555

    How to java moss?

    superglue may work but it looks ugly when it turns white in your tank, cotton or fishing line is best for mosses
  3. mike455555

    How to java moss?

    cotten wool or fishing line, nets can work but look ugly to begin with. as with surface area cover as much as possible the moss will grow but it dose not attach itself very well. dont use superglue it will stick the moss together and a large amount of it
  4. mike455555

    Cryptocoryne Question

    yes they do send out runners however there no where near as invasive as vallis is 
  5. mike455555

    Dwarf Hair Grass

    Sagittaria Pusilus (dwarf sag)  or Lilaeopsis brasiliensis i found lil the easyer of the 2 or  Glossostigma eletinoides, or a moss species (id recommend weeping as i think it looks nicer)  depending on the look you want 
  6. mike455555

    Dwarf Hair Grass

    personally iv always had trouble with dwarf hair-grass but that may be down to it not liking my water iv tried it in high light and low light, with CO2 and without the best  i got it to grow was in high light with CO2, however it survived in  low light as well, but didn't spread or flourish, i...
  7. mike455555

    Lynx Survey

    Hello  i was just wandering if anyone would mind taking 5 mins to fill out a survey for my uni work (its only for an assignment and no results will be published)   thank you in advance 
  8. mike455555

    Crypts For Sale

    is it £5 per bunch? 
  9. mike455555

    Asian Biotope Plant Advice

    here have a look at my journal, i made one about a year ago
  10. mike455555

    What Is This Plant

    riccia is in the ball closest  or did you mean hydrocotyle  or ranunculus inundatus which is a little under the ball?
  11. mike455555

    Glossostigma Elanotoides For Sale

     i should do i'll check tomorrow i did have a little of it die back in the propagator 
  12. mike455555

    Co2 Regulator And Solenoid (Ipswich Area)

    is the fitting for normal co2 bottles or for a branded one?
  13. mike455555

    Plant Help.

    looks like the Blyxa Japonica i got its root system and crown are not right to be valli's  i'd say its japonica. but japonica iv never mannaged to grow, i think it needs co2 
  14. mike455555

    Fertilizer Recommendation Please (Uk)

    EI dosing is a good way to go, by mixing your own its a lot cheaper 
  15. mike455555

    55Gl Fw Planter Tank

    aponogeton crispus red or a nymphaea of some type would fit well 
  16. mike455555

    55Gl Fw Planter Tank

    no problem =] always happy to help, personally i love that plant 
  17. mike455555

    55Gl Fw Planter Tank

    the plant on the right is java fern trident right? in its emersed form, it will melt to go into its aquatic form, but you may want to take the rhizome out of the substrate  or it will rot 
  18. mike455555

    Grafting Plants Onto An Upright Piece Of Driftwood

    they will attach themselves over time, but they need to stay still while, hence the cotton / superglue/ rubber bands 
  19. mike455555


    java moss should be fine, i find all mosses interesting, never been fond of java tho, i like weeping and tiwan more  
  20. mike455555

    Grafting Plants Onto An Upright Piece Of Driftwood

    super glue them works well as well, and a lot less hassle